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Northern Unit - Genesee Creek Research Area

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The 20-acre Genesee Creek Research Area is the northernmost unit and is located on County Highway D north of Genesee Depot, less than 10 miles from the Carroll University campus. This unit has an extensive boardwalk built by Dr. David Block and his former students and provides access to Genesee Creek, a large cattail marsh, a climate station and a recently constructed beaver impoundment. The three small ponds on the northern unit are a remnant of when the property was Brookhill Farms and the ponds were used for fish farming. Additionally, a small cabin that is now used as an outdoor classroom is a remnant of the property’s historical recreational usage.

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[photo] Northern unit pond         [photo] Northern unit pond          [photo] Northern unit pond
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  Today, the Genesee Creek Research Area is used for teaching and research, as well as allowing for a great place to relax and observe nature. The northern unit is used by several laboratories as well as by students in senior environmental science courses. The area is unique in that there are several coldwater springs and ponds that create stable hydrologic environments in which to conduct ecological research. Many environmental science, biology and chemistry students use the site to conduct research studies. In particular, Dr. Susan Lewis and her students have collected data on amphipod ecology and mating systems.  
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[photo] Northern unit
Recently, beavers have taken up residence, which has drastically altered the stream and surrounding wetland and has created a great opportunity to see how quickly ecosystems can change. Students are monitoring changes in water level, vegetation and aquatic organisms such as fish, amphibians and macroinvertebrates to the water level changes associated with the beaver dams as part of a long-term ecological study.  
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