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Bri Braunshweig

Featured Student: Brienna Braunschweig

Bri is an interdisciplinary student who encompasses the true meaning behind liberal arts and social justice. She began at Carroll in fall 2012 and declared a criminal justice major and art minor. Bri has a 4.0 from her first semester and is on the dean’s list. She is involved with Carroll Students for Animal Welfare. “I am extremely happy with my choice to attend Carroll,” she said.

Bri is recognized for her efforts in English 170 by her professor Dr. John Garrison on a writing and poster assignment. In Dr. Garrison’s words:

Students in her first-year writing seminar (ENG 170) were asked to engage in a research project about the role of writing in their future careers. The project combined an extensive essay and a poster highlighting key findings. Bri's poster was ranked among the strongest – evaluated by her fellow students, as well as by a panel of faculty judges from both inside and outside Carroll University. The poster highlighted how all elements of the writing process – close reading of details, active listening, concise and clear articulation, and knowing one's audience – are critical to the diverse forms of communication used in law enforcement. The poster used attention-grabbing headlines and research-supported bullet points to make a strong case for why strategic writing helps all those involved in the criminal justice process (investigators, prosecutors and others) do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Bri drew not only upon formal research in databases and interviews with current law enforcement officers, but also her skills in artistic design. The result is a powerful, clear and visually stunning poster.

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