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Amber Finger







Amber Finger
Graduate of December 2012


  1. What are you doing now?
    I currently work at Wisconsin Community Services in the Waukesha Alcohol Treatment Court. I actively participate in intake interviews, participant eligibility in relation to client applications, as well as data entry for all ATC clients.
  2. How did Carroll help you?
    Carroll helped me in a variety of way. The most important thing that Carroll provided was a variety of opportunities to participate in real world experiences. Carroll consistently challenges students to put their knowledge to the test and utilize it to the best of their ability. Carroll really stresses the idea of developing well rounded students by requiring outside classes not related to their specific major.  Overall, Carroll prepared me for life after graduation.
  3. What advice do you have for current criminal justice or sociology students?
    My advice to future criminal justice/sociology students is to be prepared for the professors to challenge you. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself as well. Many of the classes overlap in some ways so be ready to incorporate all class materials. The criminal justice program is particularly rigorous so you must always be prepared for demanding exams, quizzes, and homework. Pay particular attention to detail while writing papers/essays as the questions are typically widespread. DO YOUR READING!
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