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In accordance with the mission of Carroll University, the Computer Science Program (CSC) provides an excellent and state-of-the-art educational opportunity for students based on their individual skill sets, interests and career goals in the areas of modern software development and business problem solving. The Information Technology Program prepares students for IT problem-solving with the most current IT skills and technologies in supporting computing needs and infrastructure of any organization. Both programs enable students to combine their theoretical and technical understanding with their broad-based liberal-arts education to think analytically and critically when designing and implementing software or IT solutions.


  • Software Engineering: for students interested in developing the skills necessary to design and build large, reliable software systems.
  • Information Systems: for students who wish to work in business as system or business analysts.
  • ABET-suggested curriculum: for students who wish to have a well-rounded computer science education and be ready for graduate computer science studies.


  • Students majoring in computer science may choose to enroll in a five-year program that leads to both a bachelor of science in computer science and a master’s degree in software engineering.
  • The curriculum balances computing and IT theory and practice, and is oriented toward problem-solving and real-world applications.
  • Students are required to take a one-semester capstone course in which students select, design, develop, document and formally present a substantial project of their own choosing.


  • Students have the opportunity to participate in paid internships or cooperative programs with various companies. They can take up to 12 credit hours for internships.
  • Past internships include Quad/Graphics, GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee Brewers, Northwestern Mutual Life, RedPrairie, Metavante Corporation, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


  • Students have access to the most popular computing platforms that include Windows7, Macintosh, Linux and Unix, as well as the latest application software in a variety of areas.
  • There is no limitation on usage of computers, Internet and local networks.
  • All residence hall rooms have free access to the campus wide Ethernet network.
  • A master's program in software engineering is offered.

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