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Book Art Required Courses

Book Arts Major
Bachelor of Science

Core courses
Art 209, Photography
Art 212, Introduction to Book Art
Art 250, Electronic Imaging
Art 258, Visual Communication
Art 340, Advanced Media Studies
Art 480, Internship (4 credits)
Art 490, Capstone
Fine Arts 230, Book History
Graphic Communication 106, Introduction to Communication Technology
Graphic Communication 200, Color and Typography
Graphic Communication 230, Digital Photography

Two of the following courses:
English 206, Fiction Writing
English 207, Poetry Writing
English 208, Creative Nonfiction Writing
English 305, Advanced Exposition

Required Support courses
Completion of a Modern Language through 202
Students will be to also be required to take 12 additional credits in the Book Publishing program at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA). The courses should be selected from the following FUA courses:

Certificate in Publishing - Florence University of the Arts

Semester 1 - FALL
Italian Language – Beginning 3 credits
Introduction to Digital Photography 3 credits
Fundamentals of Publishing and Editing 3 credits
Creative Writing 3 credits
Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 credits
Lifestyle Magazine Project 6 credits

Semester 2 – SPRING
Italian Language – Intermediate 3 credits
Intermediate Digital Photography 3 credits
Professional Book Production 3 credits
Public Relations, Communications & Marketing 3 credits
Lifestyle Magazine Project II 6 credits
Special Project in Book Publishing 9 credits

Note: Italian is required each semester at FUA. These credits may not be included in the 12 credits abroad for the major.

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