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Artist   Title   Media
Alston, Nancy   Cloud Painting   Acrylic

Anderson, Kent

  Subdivision   Oil on Canvas

Auer, James

  Aaron Bohrid in His Studio   Photograph
    Claes Oldenburg at the Contemporary   Photograph
    Claes Oldenburg With His Saw   Photograph
    George Sugerman in His Manhattan Studio   Photograph
    Op Artist    Photograph
    Alice Neel, Painter   Photograph
    Philip Pearlstein, Painter   Photograph
    Joseph Friebert, Painter   Photograph
    John Colt in His Studio    Photograph
    Carl Riter, Painter   Photograph
    Guido Brink at Super Steel Corporation   Photograph
    Richard Lippold, Sculptor    Photograph
    Quandry   Photograph
    Philip Pearlstein in His Garden   Photograph
    The Painter at Work   Photograph
    Alfred Lesley at the Met    Photograph
    James Jay Ingwerson, Portrait Painter   Photograph
    Patrick Farrell, Painter at Home   Photograph
    Young Artist    Photograph
Bachmann, Susan   Into the Light   Etching
Balsley, John   Self Portrait   Mixed Media Sculpture
Betz, Kathy   Highway Landscape Rock Series #16 Bedrock Basin   Mixed Pen and Watercolor
Boyajian, Peter   Shades   Pastel
    Buttermilk Sky    Watercolor
    Shades   Pastel
Bratcher, Donald   Andy #1   Ceramics
Burgos, Eric   Bird of Paradise   Photograph
Burkert, Robert   Wild Apples   Silk Screen
Burnham, Steven   "Flood, 2003"   Acrylic
Buth-Furness, Christine   Divided Fields II    Watercolor
    Led Through Twilight   Pastel
Byrd, Gibson   A California Landscape with Figure   Pastel
    Ritual   Oil on Linen
Cagel, James   Nude Study, 1983   Photograph
carroll ceramic students   Keep the Flower Tribute to Louise, 1998   Clay, Canvas
Caster, Paul   Walt Whitman   Pen and ink
Christell, Valerie   Sea of Dreams   Pastel
    Floral Abstract   Pastel
Cieslik, Ralph   Guardian III    Oil on Canvas
    Windy Garden   Oil
Colescott, Warrington   Oil Transfigured Elm   Oil on Canvas
Copoulos-Selle, Stephanie   Untitled Diptych   Oil on Canvas
Cropper, Amy   Field Notes II    Mixed media
    Circle with Grass   Mixed Media
    Circle with Leaves   Mixed Media
Cullen, Mary Ellen   No Escape   Intaglio Print
Daniel, Eddy   Administration   Photograph
diaz, rodrigo   Bull Fight   Acryllic

Oil Painting

Dix, Charles   Untitled   Watercolor
    Untitled   Watercolor
    Untitled   Watercolor
    Untitled   Watercolor
    Untitled   Watercolor
Dodson, Michael   Circle Landscape   Embossed Silkscreen
doyle, john   Reds Wolf Soldier   Lithograph
    Red Ghost Dancers   Lithograph
    Yellow Chinese Dragon (yellow paper)   Lithograph
    Yellow Kabuki   Lithograph
    Whites Maypole Dance   Lithograph
    Blacks Bear Chief   Lithograph
    St. George and the Dragon   Lithograph
    Reds Victory Dance   Lithograph
    The Bride's Dance   Lithograph
    Pilgrmage   Lithograph
    White German Night   Lithograph
    Blacks Bear Dance   Lithograph
    Whites St. Patrick   Lithograph
    Temple Elephant   Lithograph
drapkin, Adrienne   Blue and White Woman   Ceramic
Driesbach, David   Betsy's House    
Dulka, Kelly Thorn  

Fish Heads II

  Color Pencil and Pastel
Dunphy, Jody   Common Threads   Mixed Media
Earnest, John   Ciel Terre    Color Etching
Espinosa, Sheryl   Somewhere in Kansas   Photograph
Ewens, Polly   Ewe   Pastel
Farrell, Peggy Thurston   A-Pointment   Mixed Media/Collage 
    In Between the Red   Diptych
    Peopled Nature   Silkscreen

Blue Lizard, 1983

    The Site, 1983   Silkscreen
    Untitled   Lithograph
    Blue Bowls   Mixed Media Construction
Ford, Francis   Mask   Photograph
Garlock, Jaclyn   Whatever Lola Wants   Silkscreen
Geiger-Campagna, Lois R.   Ceremony of the Gods 3/24/90   Pastel
    Die Before You Die 7/25/88   Pastel
    To Know God II 6/6/88    Pastel
Gessart, Earl   Venice Cityscape   Watercolor
Gloeckler, Raymond   Crucifixion   Woodcut
    Man on Fire   Woodcut
Gresl, Gary John   Barn Board Wall Hanging   Mixed Media
    Western Piece, 1986   Acrylic and found objects

Connected, 1987

  Acrylic and found objects
Grotenrath, Ruth   Sleeping Rooster   Screenprint
Gunderman, Karen   Ceramic Bowl   Clay
Gunther, Kristine   The Fourth Farm Series #2   Pastel
    Reclining Nude, 1997   Charcoal
Gust, Joyce J.   Dream Departure   Encaustic Monoprint
    Illumination   Encaustic Monoprint
Guthrie, Willis   Abstract   Mixed Media on Wood
    Fantasy   Mixed Media
    Moonskin   Mixed Media
    Mystic Presence   Oil
    Cosmic Illumination   Oil
    Rites of Passage   Mixed Media
    John Adams Savage, 850-1863 Carroll's First President   Oil
    Bulls Eye   Mixed Media Sculpture
    "Night Watch"   Assemblage
    Untitled Tapestry and Wood   Tapestry/Wood
    Piece #2   Assemblage
    Piece #47   Assemblage
    Piece #41   Assemblage
    Piece #75   Assemblage
    Piece #26   Assemblage
    Landscape   Assemblage
    "Ghost of Athena"   Assemblage
    Fabrication   Assemblage
    Rites of Passage   Assemblage
    Medium Point   Assemblage
    Road Sign Assemblage #2   Assemblage
    Chinese Figure (#46)   Sculpture
    Tea Pot Figure (#6)   Sculpture
    Last Resort   Assemblage
    Court Case (#36)   Sculpture
    "Lurker" (Split Personality)   Assemblage
    Shadrack (#57)   Sculpture
    Unmistaken Identity (#54)   Sculpture
    Flight into Egypt (#52)   Sculpture
    Untitled Metal Sculpture (#65)   Sculpture
    Japanese Shrine (#67)   Sculpture
    Untitled Dinosaur Piece   Sculpture
    Lion's Head   Assemblage
    Wood Assemblage   Assemblage
    Untitled Bird (#63)   Sculpture
    After Durer (#25)   Sculpture
Hardy, Anne   Wern Farms   Oil
    Wern Farms in Winter   Oil
Hattel, James Brian   Surrealistic Figure   Pencil and Color
Holmes, David   Unnatural Naturalist   Sculpture
HOLTMAN, JOE   City Scene, 1975   Conte crayon
    Brown Cliff, 1982   Acrylic and oil
    The Struggle, 1950   Wood engraving
    Meal Time, 1951   Linocut
    Trio   Sculpture
    Twisted Column   Sculpture
    Bird Figure   Sculpture
    Crotch   Sculpture
Holzer, Carrie   Conserve Revisit 6   Photograph
    Conserve Revisit 5   Photograph
Johnson, Lynden   Presences..Absence, 1997    Wool Tapestry
Joubert, Carolyn   Imperfect Terraine #2   Archival pigment print
Juarex, Frank   Median 2010   Oil on canvas
Kasun, Michael   Kilamanjaro    Watercolor
Keats, Norman    Affinity   Welded Steel
    Observer   Welded Steel

Winter Seed

  Welded Steel
Kittleson, Earl   Small Landscape   Hand-made Paper
    Triangle Layers   Watercolor
Klug, Les   Studio Series 1-9   Photograph
    #17   Photograph
    Street Scenes #11   Photograph
    Sidewalk Shadow #3    Photograph
    Studio Scene - untitled III   Photograph
    Studio Scene - untitled I   Photograph
    Studio Series #5   Photograph
    Studio Series #13   Photograph
    Studio Series #11   Photograph
    Studio Series #10   Photograph
    Balloon Series #1   Photograph
    Studio Scene   Photograph
    Studio Scene   Photograph
    Street Scenes #4   Photograph
    Street Scenes #12   Photograph
    Studio Series #2   Photograph
    Studio Scene - untitled II   Photograph
    Studio Series #4   Photograph
Koepke, Marilyn   Untitled   Designer Color on Paper
Kops, Simon  

Death of Aesalem

  Welded Steel
Kraus, John Claude   Target of Difference    Ebony Pencil on Arches
Krejcarek, Philip   Unexplained Occurrences   Photograph
    These Sets Are Guaranteed   Type C Print
    Lettuce Dance, 1999   Ink jet
    Shroud,2000   Ink jet
    Jesus and Georgia, 1999   Ink jet
    The Three Graces, 2001   Ink jet
    A Door Left Open   Steel and Enamel
    Santa Fe Sighting, 2000   Ink jet
    Night Mother, 2001   Ink jet
    Lettuce Mask #5, 1999   Ink jet
    Tree Dance   Ink jet
    Four Dancers   Ink jet
    Two Trees   Ink jet
    Tree Mask   Ink jet
    Georgia #2   Ink jet
    Georgia   Ink jet
    Lettuce Mask, 1999   Ink jet
    Tuscany Triptych #3   Ink jet
    Unnecessary Martyre   Photograph
    Calatrava   Ink jet
    12 Wreathes   Ink jet
    Lettuck Mask #5   Ink jet
    Small City Lot   Wood assemblage
    The Party   Photograph
    Night Fetish, 2001   Ink jet
Kurz, Kathe   At the Circus   Watercolor
    Still Life   Acrylic


Kwint, Kenn   Nude Portrait   Acrylic on Canvas
Lansdon, Y.   Kamarupa Series IX   Silkscreen
Larson, Dianne   Untitled   Oil
Lemke, William   Dead Tree, Wyoming   Photograph
lindeneg, thor   Untitled   Serigraph
LOOSOVA, Lucie   Fallen Angel (gift from Philip Krejcarek)   Photograph
    Pod Kerem/Under the Bush   Photograph
lubahn, steve   Samara Spirits, 2006   Black & White
Mandzuik, Michael   Rhizoid Concept   Oil
    Rhizoid Series I   Serigraph
Manger, Barbara   It's Only a Door- It Makes No Promises II   Colored Pencil
Mecikalski, Eugene   Church Facade   Wood Cut
Meeker, Dan   Warrior   Silkscreen
Mesun, Brian   Ribbon Fever   Drawing
Miller, Greg   Amphora With Wrought Iron Stand   Clay, Terra Sigillata
    Vase   Clay
Miotke, Anne   Gill Organization Among Fish   Mixed Media
Moriarty, Judith   Fasicst Fish   Oil
    Sliding Down King's Hill Golden Series   Mixed Media
Nichols, William   Maryland Avenue, 1974-1975   Oil
Nolan, Jody   Red Gourd   Clay, Saggar fired
Nowicki, Ervin   Close the Door, Prudence, Please   Acrylic
    I Know He Sees Me   Acrylic
Olson, Charles   Ceramic Bowl   Clay
Olson, Edna   Ceramic Relief   Stoneware Relief
Peirce, Danny   Empty Pot, 1965   Engraving
Penkoff, Ron   Untitled   Oil on canvas
Peters, Charles   Yellow Rock-Kerry   Photograph
Peterson, James Reinhardt   Woodland Reflection   Watercolor
Pipkorn, Mary Alice   Door Into Nowhere   Etching
Pisarek, Garry   Spring, 1998   Acrylic on Canvas
Provis, Dorothy   Three Leaning Squares   Mixed Media Sculpture
    Sun II    Mixed Media
Pultorak, Marceil   Alleluia   Metal Wall hanging
    Garden of Eden    Metal Screen
    Metal Wall hanging   Steel Sculpture
    Prometheus   Steel Sculpture
    21st Century Woman   Copper Sculpture
Reinhart, Barbara   Three Women, 1995   Ceramic
Reke, Ilga   Fall Floral   Oil
    Floral   Mixed Media
    Untitled   Mixed Media
RICHTER-OCONNELL, Susan   Leaf Necklace   Silver Hollowform Beads
Ronsholdt, George   Fishery in Kokonino County   Watercolor
    Disappearance of Trees From Kokonino County   Mixed Media
    Magic Goat   Collage
    Prospect Avenue   Oil
Rosenquist, James   Mountain 6/+ Two Dry Lakes   Intaglio Print
Roualt, George   Misere Series   Intaglio Print
Rozman, Joseph   Nicolee's Summer    Print
Runkel, Lydia   Philadelphia Window   Oil on Canvas
Sallomi, Pacia   Hermaphrodite   Oil
Schmidt, Stefan   Collabradabra    Serigraph/Mixed Media
Schultz, Philip   Broken Heart   Oil
    Tantrum   Oil
Schwanke, Dik   Cement Sculpture   Carved Cement
    Eli Run    Pencil
    Quietly Drawing Away   Pencil
    With Darkness I Became Part of The Landscape    Pencil
    Box I   Wood Box
    Box II   Wood Box
    Box III   Wood Box
    Box IV   Wood Box
    Cement Sculpture I   Carved Cement
    Totem   Carved Cement
    Cement Bowl   Sculpture
Scoczek, Carri   Two   Oil on Paper
    Upside Down    Oil on Paper
SELLE, JIM   Engraved into the Passing of Existence (gift from Tom Selle)   Acrylic on canvas
Selle, Thomas   Trilobite   Silkscreen
    Loneliness   Oil
Shimon, John & Julie Lindemann   Untitled   Photograph
Stamsta, Jean   Bell   Fiber
    Orange Snake    Fiber
    Hair Shirt   Fiber
    Cherry Blossoms; Big Island Series   Acrylic on canvas
    Cloud to Sea Lighting, Big Island Series   Acrylic on canvas
    Buffalo Man   Tubular weave. Hand dyed wool, nylong, feathers, and ply fill.
    Bright Lights of Hilo; Big Island Series   Acrylic on canvas
    Lava Flowing to the Sea; Big Island Series   Acrylic on canvas
    Poacher's Net; Big Island Series   Acrylic on canvas
Stanczak, Julian   Untitled   Serigraph
Stephenson, Leanne   Fruit   Oil on Canvas
Stevens, Randall   The Carroll College Library   Pen and Ink
Storey, John   Moon Series   Pastel
Style, Christine   Moments Parama Dreams   Intaglio
Sudars, M.   Rising   Monoprint
Talerico, Eric   Temptation: The Fall from Grace   Pen Drawing
THOMPSON, KAREN   Izzy Clouds (gift from Philip Krejcarek)   Cibachrome
    Untitled (gift from Philip Krejcarek)   Cibachrome
Toth, Jim   Circadian   Carved Cement
Travanti, Leon   Ocean Park   Oil
Trewyn, Leslie    In My Father's House   Acrylic/Collage
Tyson, John   Aluminum Disc   Aluminum Sculpture
    Autumn Sculpture   Sculpture
unkown   Norbert the Dragon   Sculpture
Uttech, Tom   #184 Manitou Feast   Watercolor
Viewx, Marian   Five Wrapped Sticks    Wood and Metal
    Alum/Shells   Aluminum & Shells
Von Marr, Carl   Drawing    
Wang, George   Untitled   Oil on Canvas
Waswo, Richard   Maori Aborigines With Canoe, New Zealand   Photograph
    Tending the Nets, Portugal   Photograph
    The Man Who Sold Hashish-Marrakech    Photograph
Weiss, Lee   Fragile Forms   Watercolor
    October Bracken   Watercolor
White, Doris   Venice Cityscape   Watercolor
Wickler, Charles   Pastel Cow   Pastel
    Untitled- Cow Motif    Pastel
Woito, Andrea   Chiantis Prayer   Mixed Media
Wokura, Doris   Wilt Thou Forget Me Forever   Oil
Wrobel, Shawn    Piazetta dei Leoncini Toward San Gargio, 1999   Photograph
    Inverted Bells   Photograph
Yoder, Janica   Untitled   Cibachrome Print
    Untitled   Cibachrome Print
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