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Over the past 35 years, Peggy Thurston Farrell's work has formally evolved from the two-dimensional print medium to collaged, painted and silk-screened three-dimensional paper and wood constructions. Although her medium of expression has changed, her concepts remain tied to the idea of containment; that is, the worlds behind, underneath and inside structures. Her early silkscreen prints conveyed this concept through a series of prints that encased organic forms in jars, temples and contained spaces. This isolation made the forms more mysterious and precious, and provided a metaphor for our own restricted growth. As her concepts evolved and grew, she began to work with the concept of inner and outer architectural spaces influenced by travels throughout the South and Southeastern United States, Spain and England. The architectural shapes were expressed with painted and collaged foam core relief, and the inner spaces inhabited by paper "spirits" cut from recycled prints. Soon, the architectural shapes broke from their contained areas and began to climb walls.

Currently, Farrell is working on a "Passage" series that deals with issues she is confronting in her own life: the passage of time, the passage from full nest to empty nest and the passage of the maiden to the crone. This body of work not only represents a return to her earlier interest in containment and the contradiction between inner and outer architectural spaces; it is also a return to her printmaking roots. The return has taken a new form, however, with more of a focus on printed and collaged surfaces rather than edition prints evident in her earlier work.

Farrell's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout Wisconsin and the United States, including the Milwaukee Art Museum, the University of Tennessee's Fine Arts Gallery and the Philadelphia Print Club. She recently mounted a solo exhibition of her silk-screened paper relief pieces at Carroll, where she is gallery director and has been teaching printmaking, drawing and design for 10 years. Farrell's work is part of The Reader's Digest Collection in New York City, The Rahr-West Museum Collection in Manitowoc, Wis., The Quad/Graphics Print Collection, Sussex Wis., University of Wisconsin Hospital Percent for Art Collection, The Container Corporation Collection in Chicago, Ill., and numerous other public and private collections regionally and nationally.

- Peggy Farrell


[photo] Peggy Farrell work

[photo] Peggy Farrell work[photo] Peggy Farrell work[photo] Peggy Farrell work

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