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Carroll University actuarial science program majors have established an impressive record of success. Nearly all of those who complete the major have a job in the profession upon graduation. Often, that job is at the company where the student had a full-time internship experience. Initially, Carroll majors passed the professional exams at about the national rate. However, because of some changes in our program, Carroll majors now pass the first two exams at approximately twice the national rate. The vast majority of Carroll graduates pass professional exams while working within the profession.

Broadly speaking, actuaries are professionals who analyze financial risks of future events. Trained in mathematics, statistics, economics and finance, actuaries quantify these risks by building and evaluating mathematical models. Such analyses are essential for the success of businesses in areas such as insurance, investment, and employee

Carroll University has internship programs and each year, representatives from Northwestern Mutual and Assurant select interns from among Carroll actuarial science majors for full-time (or part-time) paid internships. Selected student interns receive an authentic experience in the actuary profession while earning Carroll credit. The full-time internships also include 100 hours of paid study time for the intern’s next actuarial sciences exam.

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