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Applying to Carroll University as an International Student

Carroll University is interested in attracting highly qualified International Students who have been successful in their previous academic programs at levels of achievement which promise continuing success at Carroll University.

Steps to Apply
The process to become a Carroll University student includes the following general steps.

  1. Submitting Your Application (International Students must submit a paper based application)
    Each student applies for admission to begin studies in either the fall or the spring semester by presenting a completed International Application Form along with any other required application materials that are available at the time of the application. There is no application deadline for international applicants; however, international students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  2. Submitting Application Materials
    1. Statement and Affidavit of Financial Support: Carroll University completes its verification of student financial sponsorship in order to comply with U.S. government regulations for F-1 (student) visa status. The student's financial sponsor provides certified evidence of the required finances and sends an advance deposit of money to demonstrate the availability of the guaranteed funds. This deposit, minus $200, is refundable if the student does not enroll at Carroll.
    2. Attested mark sheets: Carroll University requires all International Students to submit transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary studies. Students, who have completed secondary (high school) studies only, should submit transcripts of secondary education only. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Carroll require prospective students to provide official transcripts. We require an official transcript which has been sent directly to us from your secondary school or college/university, or an official copy of your transcript which has been attested by a Notary Public and sent to us.
    3. English Language Proficiency: Each student's English language proficiency is verified by an evaluation of the student's achievement in a standardized test such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or by other evidence depending upon each student's situation. Carroll University applicants are expected to obtain either a paper-based test score of 550 or higher, or a computer-based test score of 213 or higher, for admission to Carroll. TOEFL total scores can range from 310 to 677 (paper-based test) or 0 to 300 (computer-based test). Each institution that requires TOEFL scores decides for itself what scores are acceptable.
  1. Application Review & Determination
    When the application file is complete, the Office of International Admission staff will evaluate it and decide on the admission of the student. At this point of time, we also make decisions about International Student Aid eligibility for outstanding students. The Office of International Admission staff also decides on any other conditions of admission. Transfer credit is decided at the time of an applicant's admission decision or later when the appropriate records arrive. Then the Office of International Admission staff members will inform the student of their admission decision. If accepted we will send the prospective student the following forms:
    1. Intent to Enroll form
    2. About Financial Sponsorship
    3. Your Financial Aid and Obligation to Carroll University (This will tell you how much Carroll University will be able to provide you in terms of a scholarship, grant and campus job. It will also tell you of your obligation for the remaining amount of the tuition and fees, as well as room and board, if applicable.)
    4. Deposit and Sponsorship Verification form (This form must be signed by your sponsor and attested by a Notary Public or similar official.)

      In addition, you will need to submit a confirmation deposit. This money confirms your enrollment at Carroll University and is applied toward your first semester tuition and fees.

      International Student Aid: Carroll University provides partial scholarships to international students. Our financial aid to international students consists of an international scholarship of $6000, and a grant that varies in amount. The grant is based on a student's marks, TOEFL score, extracurricular involvement, community service and financial need. The grant usually amounts to $1,000-3,000 dollars. Beyond this, students are provided with the opportunity to work on campus. This usually allows them to make another $1,000-$3,000 dollars per academic year for up to 20-hours per week of work (the maximum allowed during the academic year). Summer employment on-campus may be available. Summer positions require an interview and therefore, selection is based on a student's skills and work ethic. Tuition and fees at Carroll are $19,910 for the academic year of 2006-2007. Housing and board expenses are $6,070. These amounts increase each year with inflation.
  1. Federal Certificate of Eligibility
    Once the confirmation deposit is received, Carroll University sends to the prospective F-1 visa student a federal Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) for the necessary government arrangements to join Carroll University. At this time administrators also send more information about legal arrangements, arrival at Carroll, the special orientation program for new visa students, and other pre-enrollment assistance.
  2. International Student Orientation Program
    Orientation programs are provided for the special needs of new international students during the week before each new semester. Ongoing orientation sessions are provided throughout the year for all interested students. As individual questions arise regarding cultural differences, academic or student life, international students are welcome to talk with the staff members of the Office of International Admission. Advising continues for International Students throughout the duration of their studies at Carroll University.

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Katherine Hammett
Director of International Education
Phone: 262.650.4911


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international application procedures
Application procedures
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international application procedures
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[photo] international students

[photo] international students

International students may apply to the Master of Education and Master of Software Engineering degree programs here:

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For an application to the entry-level Doctorate in Physical Therapy program, please email the admission director at



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