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  • On Campus
    On-campus jobs are paid from Carroll College’s funds and occur on Carroll College’s property. When school is in session, F-1 student on-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per week (part-time) and it must be concurrent with full-time studies. During school vacations, F-1 student on-campus employment is limited to 40 hours per week (full-time). In the process of arranging for an on-campus job you may need to visit the Office of International Admission for confirmation of your eligibility to be employed.
  • Practical Training
    Practical training authorization allows you to accept part-time or full-time employment that is directly related to your major area of study and equivalent with your level of education. As an undergraduate student, you need to be enrolled for at least nine months (two semesters) before you can qualify for such authorization.

    There are two general categories of practical training. One is called “Curricular Practical Training”. Curricular practical training allows for employment that is a required part of the curriculum you have chosen to complete your degree. Authorization for curricular practical training is based on such employment being an integral part of the student’s established curriculum, such as the clinical phase of a health program or a work assignment (internship) with a sponsoring employer. Curricular practical training authorization is not limited in duration, but a student who receives 12 months or more of fulltime curricular practical training authorization may not be eligible for optional practical training as explained below.

    The second category is called “Optional Practical Training”. There are generally three instances when students can receive this kind of authorization. One is during a school vacation. Another is part-time while school is in session and another instance is upon completion of the course of study. You may receive a total of 12 months of authorization time for all of these kinds of optional practical training combined, during the period of your F-1 status. You do not need a specific job offer in order to apply for optional practical training authorization.

    To begin your application for any practical training authorization, visit the Office of International Admission for detailed instructions and forms. In general, you should receive optional practical training advice from the Office of International Admission up to 5 months before you want your authorization to begin.

Note: All paid and unpaid practical training must be authorized (practical training typically takes place off-campus).


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Katherine Hammett
Director of International Education
Phone: 262.650.4911


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