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International Students

Use this list to check to make sure you have taken care of all essential arrangements before you depart for the United States.

  • Once letters of acceptance arrive, notify the admission office of your decision, and complete and return all forms.
  • If you are being sponsored by an organization, notify that organization of your plans. Maintain contact with the sponsoring organization, which can assist with pre-departure arrangements.
  • Request information about health insurance. Obtain suitable insurance.
  • Obtain certified copies of your secondary and postsecondary transcripts, along with detailed descriptions of your courses and the books used in the courses.
  • Obtain copies of important medical records, X-rays, and prescriptions. Have prescriptions written in English in generic terms.
  • Check to see that your passport is up to date and valid at least six months in the future.
  • Apply to your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for a visa upon receipt of your I-20 form. Do this well in advance of your departure date. Application packets are available from many U.S. educational information and advising centers ( See chapter 3 for more information.
  • Learn how to reach the university from your point of entry in the United States.
  • Make travel arrangements. Contact Katie Cizauskas, International/Study Abroad Adviser Phone: 262.951.3137 with details of your arrival plans.
  • Finalize arrangements for housing. Inquire about temporary housing, hotel, motel or other arrangements that need to be made if arriving early or during the weekend.
  • Organize finances: arrange to transfer funds to a U.S. bank and make sure you have funds for travel and expenses on arrival. Consider buying travelers checks to cover costs during your first month in the United States. Consider obtaining a credit card, if possible.


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