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Carroll students had summer internships with NASA

September 16, 2011

WAUKESHA, WIS.— Two students majoring in applied physics and pre-engineering at Carroll University were selected for paid internships with the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and NASA, held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in summer 2011.

Only six students were chosen, with majors in any science, math, technology or engineering discipline, a minimum 2.5 GPA, demonstrated strong interest in the project, self-motivation and the ability to complete work with minimal supervision. Juniors Aleysha Kobiske of Waukesha and Patrick Johnson of Oak Park, Ill., were referred by Dr. Damon Resnick, assistant professor of physics.

"I was very excited and pleased to hear that Aleysha and Pat were awarded the NASA summer internships," Resnick said. "They really enjoyed it, and their hard work and enthusiasm were a great contribution to the project."

As part of the Student Satellite Initiative, Aleysha and Patrick joined the high-altitude balloon project, Elijah, which provides opportunities for students to fly their science experiments in a near-space environment. "I was able to broaden my horizons and go into uncharted waters. This internship helped me realize that I will do what I can to become a part of the engineering world," Patrick said.

He and Aleysha were part of a collaborative team of science and engineering specialists, tasked to design and build a science-driven payload that was launched from a high-altitude balloon that had to ascend up to 100,000 feet or more before bursting. They assisted the Elijah Launch Team in the launch of its satellite; tracked and chased the balloon as it traversed, retrieved the payload upon landing and analyzed the resulting data. They presented their results at the annual Wisconsin Space Conference August 18-19, 2011.

"This internship allowed me to actually walk in the shoes of an engineer/physicist, reassuring me that this is what I want to do," Aleysha said. "Not only was I able to put my knowledge to the test this summer, but I also had many opportunities to better those crucial problem solving skills while having a great time."

"We are proud of Resnick's work and this exciting opportunity for our students," said Jane Hopp, dean of the College of Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Business. "What makes this even more exciting is that our 3+2 engineering program is only a few years old and already our very talented students and faculty are developing amazing opportunities."






Patrick Johnson, Aleysha Kobiske and Dr.  Damon Resnick in a physics laboratory at  Carroll University.


Contact: Jess Owens 262-951-3104

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