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Carroll student researchers publish article

November 25, 2013

WAUKESHA, WIS.—Four Carroll University biology students have published an article in “Animal Keeper’s Forum,” the journal of the American Association of Zoo Keepers. “Cooperative Care and Social Development in Juvenile Cotton-Top Tamarins” is based on cooperative rearing in a captive population of cotton-top tamarins at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The students are Skyler Chouinard, a senior biology major and pre-medicine student from Beaver Dam, Wis.; Emily Fax, a senior biology major from Sun Prairie, Wis.; Matt Francois, a biology and psychology double major from Green Bay, Wis., who graduated in 2013; and Leah (Wolfe) Boshart, a biology major from Waukesha who graduated in 2012.

In a Behavioral Ecology course during fall 2012, Chouinard collected data with her research partner, Fax, about which family members were carrying and/or interacting with juvenile cotton-top tamarins aged six to 11 weeks. They examined data collected on the same family of cotton-top tamarins in fall 2011 by Francois and Boshart. The conclusions drawn from this undergraduate research project will be published in a forthcoming issue of “Animal Keeper’s Forum.”


Contact: Jess Owens 262-951-3104

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