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November 20, 2013

Carroll photographer captures spirit of adventure

WAUKESHA, WIS.— A voyage is defined as a long journey to a distant or unknown place, especially over water or through outer space. For many, the spirit of adventure plays an enormous role in their passion for photography. Leaving home with a camera puts a more critical set of eyes on our surroundings.

The juried “Voyages” exhibition at The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Va., features images of explorations away from home. “Jefferson, Iowa” by Jen Moon, assistant professor of art at Carroll University, is one of only 25 images for display in the main gallery. Another 35 will be presented in an online gallery. All will be reproduced in an exhibition catalogue.

“Jefferson, Iowa,” is part of Moon’s photography series, “I’ve Been There: A Namesake Tour of Iowa,” which features towns with famous names, such as international locations (Jamaica and Rome) or familiar namesakes (Orient and Jefferson), and documents the spaces that give shape and definition to these locales. Moon teaches photography and digital media, and images from this series have been featured in exhibitions across the United States.

“Voyages” will be displayed Dec. 4-28. Juror Christy Karpinski is founder and editor of “F-Stop Magazine,” an online publication that promotes contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world with the intent to inspire and support a community of artists. She selected images that captured a variety of interpretations depicting the idea of “voyages,” a “sense of adventure, of hope, of beginnings and mystery.” For more information, visit

Jefferson, Iowa

 “Jefferson, Iowa” by Jen Moon

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