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Politics professor publishes chapter in "The Presidential Leadership Dilemma"

March 15, 2013

WAUKESHA, WIS.— Dr. Lilly Goren, professor of political science at Carroll University, has a chapter in the book, “The Presidential Leadership Dilemma: Between the Constitution and a Political Party,” published by State University of New York Press. The book is edited by Julia Azari, Lara Brown and Zim Nwokora, and examines how the president balances the competing demands of leading his political party and leading the nation.

Goren’s chapter is “The Base Realignment and Closing Commission: Difficult Choices, Electoral Considerations, and the future of National Leadership in a Partisan Age.” She is one of the leading experts on domestic military base closures and the process that has been established to select the military bases for closure, specifically the Base Realignment and Closing Commission (BRACC). “I have given numerous papers over the past 15 years on this topic and I have been consulted by those advising communities, those advising the military and those studying the issue,” she said.

Goren teaches a variety of courses in political science at Carroll. Her published works include “Not in My District: The Politics of Military Base Closures,” “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Women, Politics, and Popular Culture,” and “Women and the White House: Gender, Popular Culture, and Presidential Politics,” published in fall 2012. She has published articles in “Political Research Quarterly,” “White House Studies” and Berkeley Electronic Press’s “The Forum.” Goren currently is chair of the American Political Science Association’s Politics, Literature and Film section. She has also served as an executive board member for the Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.


Contact: Jess Owens 262-951-3104

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