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Carroll University faculty are well-respected leaders in their fields. They are pioneers who possess a wealth of knowledge and are available to provide media expert opinions; comments on breaking news, trends and issues related to their respective areas of expertise; and to offer insight and analysis on a broad range of topics.

If you need help identifying an expert for a potential story, please contact us and we'll connect you with the right person.

You can also search below by area of specialty or by the faculty member's name.

Dr. Colleen Brown

Adjunct Lecturer of Psychology
Expertise: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Breast Cancer Survivorship, Educational Leadership, Business and Supply Chain (Procurement)

Dr. Charles Byler

Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Expertise: History of U.S. Foreign Relations, Civil-Military Relations, and American Political History

Catherine Cauley

Adjunct Lecturer of Physical Therapy
Expertise: Therapy Dogs

Dr. Jennifer Chandler

Adjunct Lecturer of Psychology
Expertise: Racial Literacy and Interracial Families

Dr. Elena De Costa

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literature
Expertise: Latin American History, Politics, Literature, Theatre Production, Liberation Theology and Social Justice issues. Hispanic Immigration Issues & Populations in Waukesha and Milwaukee. Second Language Teaching/Learning in Higher Education in the 21st Century, Herpetology & Salt Water Fish Husbandry, and the Value of Service Learning & Volunteerism for Civic Engagement

Dr. Pascale Engelmajer

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Expertise: Ancient and Contemporary Buddhism, Feminism in Contemporary Buddhism, Buddhist Networks in Asia and the West, and Women and Religion

Dr. Mark Erickson

Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Expertise: Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Examination and Rehabilitation, and Body Training Awareness: The Feldenkrais Method

Dr. John Garrison

Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Benefits of Humanities to Business

Lilly Goren

Professor of Political Science
Expertise: Wisconsin Politics, Governor's Race, Presidential Politics, Women in Politics, Partisan Politics, Pop Culture, Public Policy, and the TV Show "Mad Men"

Jessica Grusnick

Clinical Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator of Physician Assistant Studies
Expertise: Physician Assistant Education and Employment Trends

Dr. Jane Hopp

Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Health Sciences
Expertise: Cultural Competency in Health Care Delivery and Leadership

Dr. David Bazett-Jones

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Expertise: Running Injuries, Knee Pain, Knee Injuries, Whole-Body Vibration

Margaret Kasimatis

Clinical Associate Professor of Health and Medicine
Expertise: Issues related to Eating Disorders, Body Image, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Suicide, Caregivers' Needs for Dementia, and Stress Management

Deirdre Keenan

Professor of English and Department Chair of English and Modern Languages and Literature
Expertise: Women's World Congress, Anishinaabe (Great Lakes Indians), LGBTQ issues, Feminism and Women, Postcolonial Literature and Issues, Milton

Dr. Michael Koch

Adjunct Lecturer of Modern Languages and Literature
Expertise: Importance of German Language and Global Competence

Philip Krejcarek

Professor of Art
Expertise: The History of Photography

Lisa Kuimjian

Adjunct Lecturer of Psychology
Expertise: Handwriting Analysis Expert

Dr. Susan Lewis

Professor of Biology and Marine Biology
Expertise: Animal Behavior, Parental Care and Cooperative Social Behavior

Dr. Abigail Markwyn

Associate Professor of History
Expertise: Women's History in the U.S., World's Fairs, American Indian History, and Issues of U.S. History including Race, Gender, Class, Immigration, Labor, Westward Expansion & Imperialism

Dr. Christopher May

Associate Professor of Psychology
Expertise: Meditation & Mindfulness

Dr. Rainer Meisterjahn

Adjunct Lecturer of Exercise Science
Expertise: Sport Psychology, Mental Training, Youth Sports, and Sports Performance (basketball)

Dr. Camie Morris

Lecturer of Sociology
Expertise: Public/Police Relations and Juvenile Delinquency

Dr. Kelly P. O'Reilly

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Global Studies
Expertise: U.S. Foreign & National Security Policy, International Affairs and Relations, Security and Conflict, and Law

Dr. Deborah Pasha James

Adjunct Lecturer of Public Health
Expertise: Built Environment & Public Health, Community/Population Health, and Contemporary Public Health Nursing Practices

Dr. Kimberly Redding

Associate Professor of History
Expertise: WWI Homefront, Trenches, and Shell Shock. WWII Homefront, Commemoration, Holocaust, Iron Curtain and Foreigners in Europe. Oral History, Spiritual Life of Millennials, and International and Cross Cultural Education

Halee Shepard

Adjunct Lecturer of Physical Therapy
Expertise: Service Learning in Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy Community Outreach Programs

Dr. Tate Wilson

Lecturer of Physics
Expertise: Physics and Astronomy Developments

James Zager

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Expertise: Movement for the Actor, Directorial Practice and Theory, and Shakespeare Scansion

Keith Zukas

Assistant Professor of Communication
Expertise: New Communication Technology, Social Media, Political Communications, Communication Law, Journalists' Health and Wellness, and The Pros and Cons of Being an International Journalist

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