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The mission of the Library Classroom is to provide Carroll University students, faculty, and staff a facility conducive to academic research and writing. The technology available in the classroom is there to facilitate learning. The Library staff counts on the cooperation of patrons to help maintain the quality of the classroom environment and equipment.

The Library Classroom is open based on availability. When library sessions are scheduled, the room is closed to the campus community. Please check our online calendar for current weekly schedules.

Photo of the library classroom
Regular Classroom Hours:
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00am to 11:30pm
  • Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Saturday:11:00am to 4:00pm
  • Sunday: 11:00am to 11:30pm

Hours subject to change due to staffing.

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The following rules and regulations must be adhered to when working in the Classroom:

Acceptable Use
Use of the Library Classroom must comply with the ITS Lab Policy, ITS Acceptable Use Policy, and the Copyright Infringement Policy.

Food & Drink
The Library Classroom follows the same policy as all other labs on campus.

No food, drink, or tobacco products are allowed in Carroll University computer labs. You will be asked to take them outside the classroom area. The only exception is that instructors and other presenters will be allowed to have liquid in a spill-proof container for drinking during classes and presentations.

Classroom Reservations

  1. If the Library Classroom is not already reserved for library sessions, faculty may request to use the classroom for single class sessions if requiring use of the technology available.
  2. Priority for scheduling use of the Library Classroom will be given to library sessions.
  3. The Library Classroom may not be reserved as the primary classroom for semester-long courses.
  4. At no time can the classroom be left unsupervised; instructors are responsible for supervising their students in the classroom at all times during their reserved session.
  5. Instructors should request a demonstration of classroom technology and review of the classroom policy from Reference & Instruction Librarian Joe Hardenbrook prior to their first time using the classroom.

Faculty can request to reserve the classroom by filling out this Reservation Request Form no more than one week in advance of the desired class time. Please review this policy document before submitting a request to reserve the classroom.

Computer Hardware and Software

  1. There are 29 laptops in the classroom that are available for student check-out when not in use by library staff. You must have your Carroll ID to check them out and they cannot leave the Library Classroom. See an Information Assistant in the classroom to check out and to return the laptops.
  2. There are 3 touch screens in the classroom that are available for student use when not being used by library staff. You must have your Carroll ID to check out a keyboard and a mouse to use with the touchscreen. Equipment cannot leave the Library Classroom. See an Information Assistant in the classroom to check out and to return the keyboard and mouse.
  3. You may not alter/remove any component of the computers’ hardware within the classroom (cables, drives, monitors), even on temporary basis.
  4. You may not attempt to circumvent the security protections included with any of the software applications.
  5. You may not attempt to change configuration settings during setup. All computers are set to the same classroom standard (i.e. monitor resolution and refresh rate, bios, etc.) and are protected from changes with security measures.
  6. You may not make permanent changes to any computer in the classroom.
  7. You may not install your own software on any computer in the classroom.

    Any violation of these rules regarding computer hardware & software in the Library Classroom will result in the revocation of user privileges in the classroom for the period of no less than one semester.

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Personal Logins

  1. In order to use any computer in the classroom, you must login using your personal username and password (as assigned to you by ITS). Every Carroll University student, faculty member or staff member should be set up with a network account. Those who do NOT have a personal username and password (i.e. community borrowers, alumni or retired staff/faculty) may use the stand-up computer logged on in the Information Commons for access to Library materials.
  2. Once you login to a computer, you must remember to logout. Someone else can access your files and use your profile if you leave it logged in and vulnerable. The Information Assistants will systematically logout profiles that are left up on screen if no one is in the room using them. However, it is up to you to protect your files by remembering to log off your computer when you leave and by never leaving the room with your profile up on screen.
  3. Personal files left on the classroom computers will be deleted.
  4. You may not lock your workstation (thereby saving it for yourself) and leave the room for more than 10 minutes. If an Information Assistant finds a computer that has been locked for longer than 10 minutes, he/she will restart the computer.
  5. When classes are scheduled in the Library Classroom, all other users must vacate the room by the start of the class. Any personal items left in the room may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

    The Library Classroom mission is to provide students, faculty and staff with an environment conducive to academic research and writing. Any inappropriate or disruptive behavior that compromises this mission will NOT be tolerated.


  1. Programs using sound or music CDs may be used in the classroom only with effective headphones. If someone else can hear the sound, you will be asked to turn down the volume. Headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
  2. If you are working with a partner or in a small group, talk quietly.
  3. Do not sit on the desks. All classroom furniture must be used appropriately.
  4. In order to access any computer in the classroom, you must use your own personal username and password.
  5. Do not take the paper from the classroom for your personal use. The paper provided is used for the classroom printer exclusively.
  6. Report any problems with equipment, virus warnings or other concerns to the Information Assistant immediately.

    Anyone failing to act appropriately in the classroom will receive a verbal warning. If that verbal warning is ignored, he/she will be asked to show a valid Carroll ID so that a written report can be filed and then will be asked to leave the library. If he/she fails to show a valid Carroll ID or refuses to leave the library, campus security will be contacted. 

Please email questions and comments to the Reference & Instruction Librarian Joe Hardenbrook.

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