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Subject Tutoring

Subject tutoring takes place in the Learning Commons. Subject tutors assist their peers with mastering course content and developing study strategies for their classes. Students can connect with a tutor during weekly drop-in hours or by completing a tutor request form.

If you are unable to meet with a subject tutor due to a conflict in schedule or if you need a tutor for a class not mentioned above, please fill out a Tutor Request Form and email to or return it to the Academic Resources Desk in the Learning Commons. Every effort will be made to match you with a subject tutor, but there is no guarantee one will be available. Requesting a subject tutor early in the semester increases the likelihood that your request will be filled.

Students seeking assistance with CSC (computer science) classes should visit the following link:

Please check the whiteboard in the LC or call the Academic Resources Desk (262-524-7313) for the most current information as tutoring hours can change at any time.

Some courses are also supported by Supplemental Instruction. For a comprehensive overview of support for those services, please see the PDFs below




Press Control+F and type in the name of the class you are looking for.

Subject Tutor Hours Location
Accounting 205 Alex Thursday 6-7pm Learning Commons
Accounting 205 Lauren Monday 5-6pm Learning Commons
Accounting 206 Tuyen Sunday 3-4pm Learning Commons
Accounting 206 Lauren Thursday 5-6pm Learning Commons
Accounting 306 Alex Tuesday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Biology 125 Ali R. Thursday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Biology 125 Kelsey N. Monday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Biology 140 Amanda Monday 3:30-4:30pm; Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm Learning Commons
Biology 140 Erin Sunday 7-8pm Learning Commons
Biology 140 Kelsey E. Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm Learning Commons
Biology 212 Colleen Complete a Tutor Request Form (link above or in the LC) Learning Commons
Biology 312 Kelsey N. Wednesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Biology 312 Skyler Friday 12-1pm Learning Commons
Biology 403 Morgan Wednesday 6-9pm Learning Commons
Biology 403 Tyler Thursday 2-4pm Learning Commons
Business 304 Tuyen Sunday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 101/102 Bianca Tuesday 11am-noon; Wednesday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 101/102 Kelsey E. Wednesday 9:30-10:30am; Thursday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 110 Kelsey N. Wednesday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 110 Ali R. Thursday 5-6pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 204 Josiah Thursday 2-3pm; Friday 2-3pm Learning Commons
Chemistry 308 Britta Tuesday 10-11am; Thursday 11am-noon Learning Commons
Computational Thinking
CMP 112 Angie Tuesday 3-5pm; Wednesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
CMP 112 Hanna Tuesday 10-11am; Wed 9:30-10:30am; Thursday 10-11am Learning Commons
CMP 114 Anh Thu Monday 5-6pm; Tuesday 5-6pm; Thursday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Econ 124 and 225 Jordyn Complete a Tutor Request Form (link above or in the LC) Learning Commons
French 101-201 Molly T. Monday 3-4pm; Wednesday 12-1pm Learning Commons
German 101-201 Frank Complete a Tutor Request Form (link above or in the LC) Learning Commons
HSC 300 Tiffany Tuesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Nursing: Math Mania
Nursing: Math Mania Erin Sunday 8-9pm; Monday 3-4pm Learning Commons
Nursing: Math Mania Alyssa Wednesday 3-4pm Learning Commons
Nursing: Math Mania Emily S. Thursday 5-8pm Learning Commons
Nursing 100 Alyssa Wednesday 10-11am Learning Commons
Nursing 230 Ryan Sunday 6-8pm; Wednesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Nursing 230 Alyssa Thursday 12-1pm Learning Commons
Nursing 233 Michaela Monday 4-5pm; Tuesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Nursing 236 Erika Tuesday 4-6pm Learning Commons
Nursing 236 Tiffany Wednesday 1-3pm Learning Commons
Nursing 236 Stephanie Thursday 12-2pm; Friday 11am-12pm Learning Commons
Nursing 300 Krista Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm; Thursday 6-7pm Learning Commons
Nursing 312 Meghan Monday 4:30-6:30pm Learning Commons
Nursing 312 Melodie Thursday 5-7pm Learning Commons
Nursing 316 MacKenzie Wednesday 10am-noon Learning Commons
Nursing 316 Sara Tuesday 3-5pm Learning Commons
Nursing 320 Jenna Thursday 7-8pm Learning Commons
Nursing 320 Kelly Tuesday 8-9pm Learning Commons
Nursing 320 Rachel Tuesday 8-9pm Learning Commons
Physics 101/102 Ashley Wednesday 2-4pm; Thursday 6-7pm Learning Commons
Physics 101/102 Matt Monday 7-8pm; Tuesday 7-8pm Learning Commons
Physics 101/102 Clayton Monday 4-5pm; Wednesday 3-4pm Learning Comons
Physics 101/102 Selena Tuesday 7-8pm; Wednesday 4-5pm Learning Commons
Physics 101/102 Jason Thursday 5-7pm Learning Commons
Physics 203 Chad Monday 11am-12pm; Wednesday 11am-12pm Learning Commons
Spanish conversation Angela Thursday 7-8pm Learning Commons
Spanish conversation Nalleli Tuesday 6-7pm; Thursday 5-6pm Learning Commons
Spanish conversation Amy Monday 3-5pm; Wednesday 10-11am Learning Commons
Spanish conversation Katie Wednesday 9-10am and 1:30-3:30pm Learning Commons

*To reserve a 30-minute block for Spanish conversation practice, please use LCOnline (link found below).


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