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Leadership in Action
For mid- to senior-level managers who want to build principle-driven, values-based leadership effectiveness through intensive, personalized training with experienced executives.

The Leadership in Action program is organized into three modules:

  • Module 1: focuses on leading yourself, where learners establish development goals, explore and discuss values, receive individual feedback collected from proven tools, and select competencies to develop.
  • Module 2: teaches participants about leading others. Learners will more fully understand the selecting, coaching and assessment process for managers, go in depth on the legal details of management, participate in discussions about mentoring and coaching, and delve into communication and conflict management.
  • Module 3: engages the learner in conversations about ethical and courageous decisions. Specifically, participants will dig deep to identify personal acts of courage and share their learning with others, attend an interactive panel discussion led by seasoned managers, and learn more about creating a culture of celebration and recognition. The module ends with a closing event at which learners finalize their vision, values and development plan, and review original goals.

This program is unlike any other leadership training program because:

  • Every trainer is a seasoned executive. They’ve practiced – for years – what they’ll share in sessions, so participants learn from real-world experience.
  • The program can be highly customized to your organization to match your culture, leadership needs and timing. Our experienced facilitators will work closely with your organization to design the most effective program for the change you require.
  • Participants receive one-on-one coaching from certified trainers and group coaching from their peers, so they can apply what they’ve learned to their current situations.
  • Classes are small and interactive, so the learning process is dynamic.
  • Participants interact with seasoned executives, where learners can ask questions and participate in discussions on such topics as courageous leadership.
  • Receptions and networking provide an opportunity for learners to develop supportive and productive relationships.