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The Carroll University Center for Leadership Excellence is currently offering the following programs:

Leadership in Actiona 60-hour course offered over several weeks at the Carroll campus in Waukesha, the Leadership in Action program is designed for mid- to senior-level managers who want to build principle-driven, values-based leadership effectiveness through intensive, personalized training with experienced executives.

Employer Customized Leadership in Actioncustomized for your organization and offered onsite at your organization.

Effective Communications and Conflict ManagementAn interactive session, using the I-SkillsZone program, that prepares you to conduct more productive conversations and resolve differences one-on-one and in teams, while building strong relationships up, down and across your company or organization.

Personal Development and Career PlanningThis personalized program, developed to meet a participant’s individual needs and schedule, will include skill assessment using proven 360-degree feedback tools, self-assessment of personality and communication styles, preparation of an individualized development plan, and individualized, professional coaching that guides the development process.

Essentials of ManagementA three-day leadership program for supervisors and managers who want to learn and build such essential management skills as hiring, managing, assessing and coaching employees through intensive training with experienced executives.