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Carroll University Undergraduate & Graduate Student Scholarly Travel Program

Carroll University encourages and supports students' presentation of their work at academic conferences. Celebrate Carroll: The University's Academic Conference provides an opportunity for students to present results of their work (oral presentations, posters, art exhibits, theatre performances, literary readings) on campus every spring.

The Scholarly Travel Grant Program allows undergraduate and graduate students to take their work into the professional realm off campus by providing financial support for travel expenses and conference fees. At scholarly conferences, Carroll students not only share their work with others in their fields, but also learn about the work of students and professional academics. Presenting at scholarly conferences also provides Carroll students with excellent professional networking opportunities.

On these pages, you will find information on the three rounds of calls for applications for Scholarly Travel Grants throughout the year. These rounds coordinate with the timing of academic conferences.

You will also find information on academic conferences targeted specifically at undergraduates, as well as information on academic journals that specialize in publishing work by undergraduate students. We encourage Carroll University students to work with faculty members to revise the work they do for classes and/or capstones and to get it ready for presentation and publication.

Comments from Student Scholarly Travel Grant Recipients

"The trip was an invaluable experience and I greatly appreciate the support Carroll has given me throughout my education and during this process."

"The co-authors and I were proud to be one of the few recognized for receiving an "abstract of excellence" award in the orthopedics division of research."

"Attending this meeting provided me with the chance to be professionally stimulated by the marvelous program the American Chemistry Society organized."

"They had keynote speakers from some of the most prominent scientists in the U.S., which I found to be an excellent networking opportunity."

"The whole conference was an excellent preparation for presenting research I might do in my academic career."

"I learned a lot of information at the conference that I will be able to apply for the rest of my career."

"It got me re-energized about the career with so many employers, physical therapists, and company representatives who were excited that we were students attending the conference."

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