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Honors Contract for Regular Courses

With approval from the Carroll Student Scholars Committee, a student may arrange to contract with the instructor of an existing Pioneer Core course to take it for honors credit. Only one Pioneer Core course may be taken as a contract course, and students are strongly encouraged to make every effort to enroll in honors courses before submitting a contract course application. Honors students must have sophomore, junior, or senior standing to undertake an Honors Contract.

Apply online for the Honors Contract Course (pdf download)
External Research Contract (pdf download)

Contract courses must be submitted to the Carroll Student Scholars Committee for approval by December 1 for a Spring semester course and May 1 for a Fall semester course.

The Carroll Student Scholars Committee generally has the following expectations for Honors Contracts:

  • The student should have regular meetings (e.g., biweekly) with the course instructor to discuss course material to a greater degree than is possible in the classroom
  • The student is expected to produce either
    • A writing assignment that is longer and contains more analysis than a non-honors writing assignment
    • A presentation that is more substantive and contains more analysis than a non-honors presentation
  • The student is expected to work with sources (e.g., texts or primary works) in addition to those required in the course, to expand and enrich their engagement with the course material.

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