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Pioneer Scholars Program Application Process

To view a successful application, here are two samples: Sample 1, Sample 2

Application Process

  1. The application is to be submitted electronically by Friday, March 3, 2017, at 5 p.m. The application should be submitted electronically by clicking the "Submit by email" button at the bottom of the application form.
  2. The applications will be evaluated by a faculty committee, and notification to the applicant teams will be made via email by Friday, April 7, 2017.

Pioneer Scholars Grant Program Application Form

(pdf download)

Expectations of Pioneer Scholars and Faculty Mentors

  1. The majority of the scholarly activities must be completed during summer 2017, at which plans and results of the scholarly/creative projects will be shared and student learning assessed. In addition, group meetings between smaller numbers of teams will occur monthly between June and August.
  2. All student/faculty teams will be required to participate in an orientation meeting and Celebrating Success event held during the 3rd week of April.
  3. The faculty member and student are expected to meet regularly over the summer to assess progress and modify the project as necessary. On average, Pioneer scholars and their mentors see each other roughly 5-7 hours per week.
  4. All student/faculty teams who receive funding are required to prepare an oral presentation for Celebrate Carroll held every April.
  5. All scholars/faculty mentors will be required to complete an online survey assessing their experiences and to participate in facilitated discussions.

Please refer questions to the Honors Center at or call 262-524-7364.

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