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Carroll University Pioneer Scholars Program

The goal of this program is to provide undergraduate students in any discipline with an opportunity to engage in an intensive scholarly/creative project one on one with a faculty member during the summer months. Because the scholars' experience demands a full-time commitment, it is not advisable for students to take summer classes or to work at another job more than a few hours a week.

Each student awarded a Pioneer Scholars stipend will participate in the scholarly/creative project instead of full-time employment during the summer.

  • The stipend is considered taxable income.
  • On-campus housing is available.
  • On-campus food plan is not.
  • The student/faculty team should develop a project of interest to both.
  • Students will receive a stipend of $3,000, plus an opportunity to receive funds for research supplies and/or other project expenses.
  • Faculty will receive a stipend of $1,500. Note that each faculty member can submit proposals with no more than two students.

It is permissible for two students to submit one proposal as a team. The proposal should explain how such a group project is consistent with disciplinary norms as well as how each student's contribution is unique and is equivalent to one Pioneer Scholars project. If accepted, each student will receive a $3000 stipend. The faculty member will receive one stipend. Each student should complete an application.

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In order to afford faculty campus wide the opportunity of the Pioneer Scholars Program, Faculty mentors may participate in the Pioneer Scholars program for no more than two consecutive summers. In addition, if a faculty mentor submits multiple distinct proposals, only one can be awarded.

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Pioneer Scholars Say:

"I enjoyed the experience so much that I had to seriously reconsider my current path toward graduate school in exchange for a more research-orientated graduate experience."

"This experience allowed me to understand what research is all about. This was an experience that made me excited to learn. The project I worked on is something that is important to society, so it made me feel good to be contributing in some way, and also gave me motivation."

"It opened me up to the wide array of opportunities to do research and the many different variations it takes. It was something I enjoyed and would like to pursue further on in my academic career."

"This work has truly expanded my horizons in multiple facets and given me priceless experience."


Pioneer Scholars Mentors Say:

"I believe the experience that can be achieved by students is very important in the development of their academic careers."

"The project approximated the sort of research that my colleagues at universities with graduate students get to do."

"The program has provided opportunities for significant growth for the student and for me, and it has taught me how to involve undergraduate students in my research."

"The mentor/scholar relationship opens up so many future opportunities. Students understand more how graduate programs are run."

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