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Carroll University Nationally-Competitive Scholarships

The Carroll Honors Center created this Nationally Competitive Scholarships site to help Carroll University students become aware of national and international scholarships and fellowships. The Carroll Honors Center hopes to advise, encourage and prepare Carroll students to submit applications for national and international fellowships, scholarships, and grants for graduate studies. The role of the Carroll Honors Center is to coordinate the efforts of faculty and administrators to help students be successful in their applications for these prestigious fellowships.

Faculty representatives have been assigned to each fellowship and scholarship, and students are encouraged to contact the appropriate representative for assistance.

Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships are prestigious awards that allow students to continue their education with financial support. All students dedicated to academic excellence are highly encouraged to apply for an award in their discipline.

The Carroll Honors Center is in A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall at 120 Wright Street. Contact Dr. Lilly Goren with questions or comments.

Academic Areas of Interest

Identify fellowships and scholarships that might interest you based on your academic discipline or area of interest


List of available scholarships and fellowships


Deadlines by month for nationally-competitive scholarships

Scholarship Advisors

Contact information for nationally-competitive scholarship advisors

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