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Celebrate Carroll Student Participation Information

Why present at Celebrate Carroll?

  • Gain valuable experience presenting professional, academic material.
  • Help build an application for admission to graduate school.
  • Share your scholarly work with family and friends.
  • Enhance presentation skills.
  • Build your resume.

What should I present?

  • This academic showcase encourages presentations from all disciplines.
  • Presentations can be in these formats:
    • Oral/PowerPoint
    • Poster
    • Visual Arts such as the Spare Time Art Show
  • Past presentations have included:
    • Senior Art Exhibition
    • Study Abroad Presentations
    • Capstone Presentations

How do I become involved?

  • The majority of students present as part of a course. You are responsible for registering your presentation.
  • Submit one registration per presentation.
  • Please be aware that we will use information EXACTLY as it is submitted. We will not edit the information.
  • There is always a possibility that a presentation time may overlap a class time. We ask that presenters consider this factor when registering.
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