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Celebrate Carroll Oral Presentations

General information

  • An oral presentation is a verbal presentation to an audience by an individual or small group.
  • All presentations are held in the Campus Center and New Hall. Each room that is used for oral presentations is equipped with technology (computer, projector, screen, etc.) and a podium. No microphones.
  • An oral presentation at Celebrate Carroll is typically a 15 minute presentation, normally using presentation software, with an additional 5 minutes for questions from the audience at the end.
  • If you are an individual presenting on one topic we will schedule you for a total of 20 minutes for your presentation (15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes at the end for questions).
  • If you are part of a small group presenting on one topic we will schedule the whole group a total of 20 minutes for the presentation (15 minutes to present and 5 minutes at the end for questions).
  • If you do not fit into one of the categories listed above or need more than 20 minutes for your presentation please contact the Honors Center at BEFORE you register.

Helpful Hints for Oral Presentations

Before the Presentation

  • Prepare and organize your ideas and information.
  • Practice your presentation. You will be prepared for the allotted time as well as feel more comfortable during your presentation.
  • If you plan to use audio/video technology (PowerPoint, video clip, music, etc.), be sure to check the equipment in your assigned room in advance.
  • Arrive to your designated classroom a few minutes early. We want to keep each of the sessions on time.
  • Be confident and enjoy presenting your information.

During the Presentation

  • Be respectful of your fellow presenters and audience. Feel free to stay after your presentation and listen to the other presentations. It is a great opportunity to learn more about a topic.
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience, vary your voice and make use of a lively delivery to hold your audience's attention.
  • Avoid reading directly from your notes.
  • Make sure you have your presentation on a USB drive so it is readily accessible. You might also wish to e-mail a copy to yourself so you have a backup.
  • Keep track of your time so that you do not run over into another presenter's time slot.
  • Dress and present yourself professionally.
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