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Celebrate Carroll

Carroll University's Academic Conference: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

    Registration for this event is currently closed.

About Celebrate Carroll

Celebrate Carroll is Carroll University's signature academic showcase event. Since 2005, the university community has set aside a day every spring to celebrate and highlight the academic and scholarly achievements of Carroll students and faculty. The entire campus comes alive with presentations, posters, art exhibits, theatre performances and more.

Students have the opportunity to earn a convocation point. Students must attend 3 oral presentations, and get their card swiped after each presentation for it to count. Poster and oral presenters cannot earn a point for their own presentations.

To continue to build a vibrant culture of scholarship at Carroll, Provost Joanne Passaro has urged faculty to cancel their Wednesday classes and all students, faculty and staff to take advantage of this opportunity to become involved by presenting scholarly works or by attending the conference to learn more about students, faculty, and staff academic work.

If you have questions regarding Celebrate Carroll, please contact the Honors Center at or call 262-524-7364.

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