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Physical Therapy Faculty

Bazett-Jones, David, PhD
Assistant Professor

Deprey, Sara M.
Associate Professor and Director

Erickson, Mark R., DScPT
Clinical Associate Professor

Ericson, Vickie K.
Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator

Hopp, Jane F., PhD
Associate Professor

Knuth, Ashley B.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy - Pediatrics

Lapacek, Karma M., DPT
Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

McQuade, Amy E., PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor/Curriculum Coordinator

North, Sara E., DPT
Clinical Assistant Professor

Pahnke, Thomas G., MS
Clinical Associate Professor

Palmen, Lindsey M., DPT

Ramsey, Lenny E., PhD
Assistant Professor

Rapps-Hedgcock, Julie A., PhD
Visiting Lecturer

Shields, Kathleen A.
Clinical Assistant Professor/ Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

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