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Non-Traditional Admission

What is Non-Traditional admission?

Non-traditional students have earned or will earn a bachelor's degree at an institution outside of Carroll and are planning to apply to the graduate professional phase of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Non-traditional applicants are reviewed in the competitive review process with Carroll non-direct admission students.

How long is the DPT Program for a Non-Traditional student?

The DPT program encompasses three-years of professional graduate level study. A new cohort enters the graduate DPT program each fall semester (September).

Please be advised - Carroll requires non-traditional applicants to complete an additional sequence of Human Anatomy and Physiology at an advanced level (ANP402-403) in the summer prior to DPT enrollment in the fall if accepted into the graduate program. Courses run from late May thru early August. The majority of course equivalencies for ANP402/403 are at the graduate level of study.

How do I apply to the DPT Program?

Non-traditional applicants are required to apply through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). Please reference for more information.

Carroll University will admit up to 20 students who will not earn a bachelor’s degree at Carroll. Below are the minimum criteria required to be considered for the DPT Program:

  • Deadline - January 15, 2015 is the deadline for all application materials to be submitted to PTCAS. Applicants MUST submit all observation hours, letters of reference and GRE scores (code 8829), along with the Carroll supplemental application fee, not later than this deadline date to be considered for admission.
  • Required Supplemental Application Fee of $50. Payment may be made online by clicking HERE (please include your PTCAS ID number).
  • Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE). GRE's must be sent directly to PTCAS. Carroll's PTCAS GRE code is 8829.
  • Observation Hours - Participation in a minimum of three clinical observation experiences from three different types of physical therapy practice settings is required. Settings include inpatient acute care, inpatient rehab facility, outpatient orthopedic, outpatient neurological, skilled nursing facility, pediatric/school setting, home health, industrial/work rehab. Observation must be under licensed physical therapists. A minimum of 25 hours in each setting for a total minimum of 75 hours is required. Please reference PTCAS for documentation requirements.
  • Three Letters of Reference – LOR's must be submitted to PTCAS. Please reference PTCAS for documentation requirements.
    • One letter from a licensed physical therapist
    • One letter from a university/college professor
    • One letter from a personal contact (non-familial) that may attest to the student's character
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale). Average GPA is a 3.57.
  • *Pre-Professional Course Work GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) A minimum course grade of "C" or better is required. Pre-professional science courses must be completed within the past 7 years. The average PPGPA is a 3.42.
    • Applicants to the Carroll University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program may not use advanced placement credit, test credit or online course completion for biology, chemistry and physics prerequisite coursework.
    • The pre-professional science GPA is composed of A&P I and II or General Biology I and II, Chemistry I and II, Physics I and II, Psychology (up to two semesters with one course being at a 200-level or above), and Advanced Anatomy and Advanced Physiology (ANP402/403 – see above for details).
    • The biology, chemistry and physics prerequisite courses must be taken in complete sequences, i.e. Anatomy & Physiology I with lab and Anatomy and Physiology II with lab.
    • A maximum of one course within the pre-professional coursework (biology, chemistry physics, and psychology) may be repeated.
    • Any credit with an earned C, D or F may be retaken for credit with a similar course at an accredited institution. The DPT program uses the last grade awarded in the pre-professional science GPA calculations if a course was repeated.
  • Prerequisite Course Work - Completion of all prerequisite course work prior to the start of the graduate program and confirmation of successful completion of all prerequisites as listed in progress at the time of application is required. PTCAS Academic Updates will be considered through mid-February. Please see below for the specific courses that are required under each discipline. Courses identified with an asterisk are used to calculate the pre-professional science GPA:
    • BIOLOGY: *4 semesters, which include:
      • 2 anatomy & physiology with labs or 2 general biology with labs (Equivalent to Carroll's: ANP/BIO130 & ANP/BIO140 or BIO120 & BIO125)
      • 2 advanced anatomy and physiology with labs (Equivalent to Carroll's: ANP/BIO 402 and ANP/BIO 403 - If non-direct admit applicants have not completed previously, then applicants must complete at Carroll the summer prior to the start of the graduate program if accepted into the program
    • CHEMISTRY (Inorganic): *2 semesters, which include:
    • PHYSICS: *2 semesters, which include:
    • PSYCHOLOGY: *Up to 2 semesters will be included in the pre-professional science GPA, if completed one course must be 200 level or above (Equivalent to Carroll's: PSY101 and above)
    • MATH: 1 semester, which includes:
    • HUMANITIES: 3 Semesters
      • For example: English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Women's Studies, Fine Arts, Languages
    • SOCIAL SCIENCES: 3 Semesters
      • For example: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Cultural Geography, Economics, Communications
    • ENGLISH: 1 Semester (Either English Composition or Literature)
  • Bachelor Degree Verification: Evidence that a bachelor's degree will be awarded. The conferral date of an earned bachelor's degree must be posted to official transcripts prior to the start of the graduate DPT program and sent to the Admission Office.
  • Safety and Technical Standards
  • Current CPR and First Aid certification: CPR certification must be either American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer. First Aid certification must be through an organization recognized as a valid issuer of certification such as the American Red Cross. If accepted to the Physical Therapy Program, copies of First Aid/CPR certification are due by August 1st prior to the start of Phase I of the graduate program and certifications must be valid for at least one year at the time of entry into Phase I.
  • Health Screening and Background Check: Physical Therapy professional phase students are required to have completed a health screening, updated immunizations and tuberculosis screening according to current Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for health professionals, criminal background investigation and drug screening as required by internship placement sites.
  • International Applicants must complete the TOEFL and submit official exam scores and evaluated transcripts directly to PTCAS. Please see for additional information.

The entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program admits qualified students regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or disability that does not interfere with the performance of professional physical therapy practice as provided by law. Applications and credentials for admission to the physical therapy program must be submitted for processing to the Carroll University Office of Admission. Decisions are made on applications by selection committees in the program, and applicants are notified through the Office of Admission.

Admission and standards are subject to change based on regulatory, licensing and or certification needs.

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