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About the Physical Therapy Program

Physical Therapy Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Department at Carroll University is to educate students to become licensed physical therapists who are prepared to provide compassionate, respectful care in a dynamic health care environment and contribute to the profession and community.

Physical Therapy Program Format

During the pre-professional phase for students pursuing the 3+3 accelerated cohort, the freshman, sophomore and junior years, students must complete a minimum of 98 credits in their undergraduate majors with a pre-physical therapy emphasis, including all general degree and distribution requirements, while fulfilling the requirements for entrance into the professional phase. Student pursuing the 4+3 cohort must meet all degree requirements and fulfill requirements for entrance into the professional phase. Current pre-professional phase progression standards are listed in the undergraduate catalog.

The program's professional phase coursework is divided into two phases. During Phase I, students complete 30 credits in physical therapy program at the 400 level. Bachelor's degrees are awarded to those students satisfying all relevant college requirements at the conclusion of Phase I, which is the senior year for students following the 3+3 cohort. In addition, students must satisfy specific academic requirements to progress in both Phase I and Phase II of the Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Current professional phase progression standards are listed in the graduate catalog.

During Phase II year one, students take 47 credits of courses in physical therapy at the 500 level. Forty-five credits of physical therapy courses at the 600 level are taken during Phase II of year two. An entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is awarded upon successful completion of Phases I and II. As part of the Phase II professional curriculum, the candidates must satisfactorily complete 35 weeks of clinical education at facilities affiliated with Carroll.

Admission to the Program

There are three options for admission to the Physical Therapy Program at Carroll University and they are described on the Admission Information page.

Pre-professional education is grounded in the liberal arts and the natural, behavioral and social and health sciences with prerequisite course work in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology.

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