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Master of Science in Graphic Communication Program Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science in Graphic Communication program will:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to develop and implement a multi-vehicle marketing program proposal.
  2. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of, and mastery of, business communications as it relates to design, communication, graphics, and marketing strategies.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to present and defend research and production work in oral, written, and graphic forms.
  4. Demonstrate understanding and application of new technologies as they pertain to graphic communication.
  5. Demonstrate a global perspective as it pertains to communication and design.
  6. Synthesize and apply the above outcomes through substantial, sustained, standards-based work in real settings.

Curriculum (11 Total Courses, 3 Credits per Course)

  • Core Courses
    • GRC610: New Media Studies
    • GRC620: Interactive & Social Marketing
    • GRC630: New Design Tools 1
    • GRC640: Campaigns
    • GRC650: Visualization
    • GRC660: Copyright, Licensing, and Ethics
    • GRC670: New Design Tools 2*
    • GRC675: International Design
    • GRC690: Capstone 2: Non-Profit Campaign*

    *Please Note: GRC630 must be completed prior to GRC670. The last course of the Master of Science in Graphic Communication must be GRC690.
  • Required Support Courses
    • BUS605 Marketing Management
    • BUS625 Leading and Managing in a Changing Environment
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