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Master of Science in Exercise Physiology Program Course Schedule

The Master of Science in Exercise Physiology Program can be completed as a full-time student. Full-time enrollment is considered nine or more graduate credits per semester or term. Both concentrations within the Master of Science in Exercise Physiology Program require a total of 58 credit hours to include 10 credits of core requirements, 36-39 credits of concentration requirements (including practicum/internship courses) and 9-12 credits of electives. Each cohort starts in the fall semester. The course schedules indicate the course sequencing for full-time enrollment.

Master of Science in Exercise Physiology Courses

The M.S. in Exercise Physiology Program is offered as a full-time, education program. The curriculum includes the following number of courses:

  • 4 Core Courses
  • 11-14 Concentration Courses
  • 3-4 Elective Courses

Master of Exercise Physiology Graduate Course Schedules

Practicums and Internships

Students in the clinical concentration will accumulate a minimum of 600 hours of clinical experience through practicums I-IV. Recommended experiences would reflect the minimum requirements for becoming an RCEP:

  • Cardiovascular: 200 hours
  • Pulmonary: 100 hours
  • Metabolic: 120 hours
  • Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal: 100 hours
  • Neuromuscular: 40 hours
  • Immunological/Hematological: 40 hours

Students in the strength and conditioning concentration will complete a minimum of 400 hours in internships I-III.

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