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Master of Business Administration Degree: Curriculum

Learning Outcomes:
Students will:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of business concepts and their applications.
  • Demonstrate mastery of business communication skills.
  • Effectively apply appropriate tools and techniques to solve complex business problems.
  • Formulate and evaluate effective business policies and strategies within a global environment.
  • Collaborate effectively in a competitive environment.
  • Examine and analyze issues related to diversity and ethics in a multicultural environment and their impact on the organization.

The Carroll University MBA is comprised of 11 graduate classes (33 total Graduate Credit Hours) designed with a focus that provides students with a broader and deeper knowledge base of the business world. We have designed the MBA curriculum mindful of all the responsibilities of working adults. Classes will be offered in an expedient 8 week format. Students may elect to complete 2 courses during the 16 week semester while being able to focus on each independently! No need to worry about projects overlapping or juggling multiple classes. You will have the unique opportunity to spotlight each course!

These are the 11 (each MBA course is 3 Graduate Credit hours)

Core Required Courses (33 credits)

BUS 600 Managerial Economics
BUS 605 Marketing Management
BUS 610 Quantitative Decision Making
BUS 615 Current Topics in Business Law
BUS 620 Advanced Managerial Accounting
BUS 625 Leading and Managing in a Changing Environment
CSC 580 Information Technology Management in a Net-Centric World
BUS 635 Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUS 640 Advanced Financial Decision Making
BUS 642 International Business
BUS 645 Business Policy and Strategy

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