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Graduate Studies Open House March 7, 2017

Pre-Registration for Arts-Integration: Transforming Learning through Theater

A Collaboration between First Stage Milwaukee and Carroll University

Explore and discuss the definition of Arts Integration. Engage in a variety of dramatic activities including pantomime, role play, improvisation and storytelling. Come away with tips on how to implement dramatic activities in the classroom and connect them to grade appropriate ELA-Literacy Common Core State Standards. This may be taken for no credit or for one, two, or three graduate credits. For two and three credits, teachers have the opportunity to have First Stage mentors visit their classrooms as demonstration models and coaches (see course description).

Arts-Integration: Transforming Learning through Theater Pre-Registration Form
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Course Registration: EDU691 F0 (0 credits $150)
EDU691 F1 (1 credit $262.50) - (professional development rate)
EDU691 F2 (2 credits $525) - (professional development rate)
EDU691 F3 (3 credits $787.50) - (professional development rate)
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* Tuition:
With the submission of the pre-registration, I understand that the Education Department will be in touch with me as the scheduled meeting date approaches to provide me with additional information. I will fill out paper registration forms on the day of the workshop.
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