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Master of Education

Advance and Enrich Your Career

Open up new possibilities in your teaching career with a Carroll University Master of Education degree. We offer three emphases: PK-12, Adult and Continuing Education, and Community Health. Within these emphases, you choose an area of concentration, referred to as a strand, to develop professional knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Develop Your Expertise

The knowledge and skills you'll acquire through the program give you several advantages in the classroom, and allow you to work more effectively with a greater variety of students in different environments. The program trains teachers to be successful in delivering instruction, leadership and educational programs. Opportunities are limitless when you pursue an advanced degree in education.

PK-12 Educators

Educational Leadership

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program prepares exemplary educators, who can model as well as motivate success, to be effective administrators in PK-12 schools. The program contains project-based and performance-based learning opportunities, and includes the requirements for licensure #10 Director of Instruction and/or #51 Principal. The Graduate Program in Education requires the completion of research related to the course of study.

  • Preparing Leaders for the Next Generation
  • Coursework Is Generative, Constructive, and Responsive to Students in the Cohort
  • Invaluable Experience Connecting and Networking
  • Evidence of Leadership In Action Through Site Visits in Transformative Settings

Learn more about Carroll University's Master of Education in Educational Leadership program.

Curriculum and Instruction with Certificate/Licensure Emphasis

The Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis prepares graduates to perform a number of specialized tasks, including creating new curriculum material and modules; researching new teaching methods; evaluating how students learn; planning teacher training programs; and much more in a variety of educational settings.

  • 33 Graduate Credit Hours
  • Individualized Program of Study
  • Develop Expertise to Support Student Learning, Enhance Instruction, and Facilitate School and District Improvement
  • M.Ed. Programs Can Be Completed In Less Than Two Years
  • Convenient Summer Offerings, Hybrid Courses, And/Or Weekend Delivery Models

Learn more about Carroll University's Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program.

Health Education

Health Education prepares students for professional roles in health education and promotion. The primary objective of the curriculum is to provide the Health Educator with the knowledge and skills to plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate behavior change programs for improving health status. Courses feature methods for diagnosing and assessing the health needs of communities and organizations; theories of health behavior and their application; the planning and design of public health programs; approaches to measuring and monitoring the implementation of interventions; and strategies for evaluating the impact of programs on cognitive, behavioral, and health status endpoints. The 33 program credits consist of the core courses, required courses, and electives.

Learn more about Carroll University's Master of Education in Health Education program.


Adult and Continuing Education

Master of Education in Adult and Continuing Education

The Adult and Continuing Education Emphasis provides professionals engaged in leadership roles, or in educating adults in a variety of settings, with the most current information on theory, research, and practice to prepare them for a rapidly changing global society. Students explore adult education issues related to learning, curriculum planning, evaluation and administration. In the program, students research and prepare projects relevant to a variety of professional and educational settings. The 33 program credits consist of the core courses, required courses, and electives.

Learn more about Master of Education in Adult and Continuing Education program.


Community Health

Master of Education in Community Health

Carroll University is pleased to offer a M.Ed degree in Community Health Education. Community or Public Health Education is a critical discipline focused on medical interventions that improve the health of a community. The mission of this strand is to prepare health professionals in a global society as effective intercultural communicators to administer, develop, implement and evaluate Community/Public Health Education programs.

Learn more about Carroll University's Master of Education in Community Health program.


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