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Currently licensed teachers may complete the following licensure categories independently for licensure or to fulfill requirements in the M.Ed. program.

The Wisconsin Reading Teacher License (316)* is available to initial educators with two years of full-time teaching experience. A total of 18 semester credits is required: EDU 675, EDU 676, EDU 677, EDU 678, and EDU 680. Those seeking the 316 license must earn a grade of B or higher in each reading course and must have an overall minimum reading course grade point average of 3.00. See cohort model.

The Wisconsin Alternative Learning Environments Certification (952)* is required by the DPI for all teachers who teach students in non-traditional environments. A set of four courses, EDU 653, 655, 657 and EDU683, provides the competencies for this certificate.

The Wisconsin Adaptive Education License (859)* enables credentialed teachers to work effectively with special needs students who are mainstreamed or integrated into their classrooms. Students enrolled in the certification sequence will maintain a portfolio that will include selected information from each course, demonstrating how the competencies they are acquiring are applied to their particular educational contexts.The required courses are EDU 660, 661, 662, 663 and 664.

Health Education License (910)*
Students must have completed the equivalent of four undergraduate courses that provide background content for graduate courses, (BIO 130, BIO 140, HSC 101). Required graduate courses include HED 650, 651, 652, 661 and EDU683. Students who wish to add the Health Education License to their teaching credentials are required to successfully complete the Praxis II content area exam in health, prior to licensure.

School Leadership Program
The Carroll University Department of Education announces a new School Leadership program. Successful completion of the School Leadership program will result in a master's degree in school leadership and the potential credentials and qualifications to obtain a #51 license, Principal, and a #10 license, Director of Instruction, from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Note: Because DPI revises its requirements for teacher licensing from time to time, Teacher Education Programs are subject to change. A practicum and portfolio demonstrating proficiency in the 10 Wisconsin Teacher Standards are now necessary components that must be met before licensure. In addition, successful completion of the Praxis II Content Test is required in specific areas. Anyone completing course work leading to licensure prior to February 2010 will be responsible for all required components before a license application can be signed by a certification officer. Additional licensure candidates and students completing licensure within M.Ed. programs are strongly encouraged to discuss the requirements with an Education Program adviser.

*All courses in these programs may apply toward a Master of Education degree.

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