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The Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis is designed for K-12 educators who wish to enhance their classroom practice. There are two options for students who wish to complete this emphasis. The first consists of a selection of two of three content strands in which to focus study: literacy, contemporary curriculum issues, and sociocultural issues. Nine credits are required in each strand along with completion of the M.Ed. core requirements. The second option is the Wisconsin Reading Teacher License area in which students complete coursework within the M.Ed. for the #316 Reading Teacher certification, along with the required core courses.

Choose any two of three strands. Nine credits in each strand are required, along with the core courses. Students can choose a three-credit elective course from within the M.Ed. program to fulfill the 33-credit graduation requirement.

Core Requirements Choose Two of Three Strands

EDU 641 – 3 credits
EDU 601 – 3 credits
EDU 602 – 3 credits
EDU 603 – 3 credits


EDU Elective
3 credits

Literacy – 9 Credits

Contemporary Curriculum Issues – 9 credits
• #859 Adaptive Education License Option

Sociocultural Issues – 9 credits
• # 952 Alternative Learning Environments Option

Wisconsin Reading Teacher License

Students pursuing the #316 license must have an initial Wisconsin teaching license and two years of teaching experience. See cohort model.

Core Requirements Strand Requirements

EDU 641 – 3 credits
EDU 601 – 3 credits
EDU 602 – 3 credits
EDU 603 – 3 credits

EDU 306*
EDU 324*
EDU 625 or 626 – 3 credits
EDU 675 – 3 credits
EDU 677 – 3 credits
EDU 678 – 3 credits
EDU 680 – 3 credits

EDU Electives – 6 credits

  • Students who have not taken EDU 306 and 324 at the undergraduate level (or had equivalent courses within the past 7 years) may enroll in these courses as special undergraduate students. Students will not be granted graduate credits for prior undergraduate course work. A graduate option is available for these courses. Please consult with the course instructor to discuss this option.
  • Students seeking the #316 license must earn a grade of BC or higher in each reading course and must have an overall minimum reading course grade point average of 3.00
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