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Certificates and Additional Licensure

Convenient, Flexible, Customizable

With Carroll University's Certificate and Licensure graduate programs, you can design your future, and demonstrate your dedication as a professional educator without making a commitment to pursue a master's degree. We offer education professionals flexible alternatives to traditional Master Degree programs. As a student you will stay connected with current trends, technologies and methods in the education field. You can complete the following certificate and licensure categories independently to develop expertise, or as a concentration to fulfill requirements in the M.Ed. program.

PK-12 Educators

Certificate and licensure programs are designed for PK-12 educators who want to enhance their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to impact teaching and learning in classrooms, schools, and communities.

Reading Teacher License (DPI#316)

The Reading Teacher program offers a supportive and interactive environment for current classroom teachers to broaden their understanding and skills related to research-based reading assessment, evaluation and instruction. Successful completion of this 18-credit program and the Foundations of Reading exam lead to a #316 Wisconsin Reading Teacher License.

Learn more about Carroll University's Reading Teacher License program.

Reading Specialist License (DPI#17)

The Reading Specialist Program at Carroll University extends the Reading Teacher license (#316) for educators wishing to pursue additional expertise in literacy assessment, instruction and leadership. The program reflects the Wisconsin Administrator (WA) and the International Literacy Association (ILA) Standards and leads to the credentials for an administrative license.

Learn more about Carroll University's Reading Specialist License program.

K-12 Writing Certificate

This 15-credit program balances research and theory with practice, preparing certified teachers to nurture engaged, flexible, and deep-thinking writers across all disciplines and grade levels. Candidates develop leadership skills to support effective writing instruction and facilitate professional growth. Core principles of the National Writing Project (NWP) Professional Development Program serve as the foundation for this program.

Learn more about the K-12 Writing Certificate program at Carroll University.

Elementary Mathematics Certificate

The Elementary Mathematics Concentration is a 5-course, 5-term certificate program for the development of Elementary Mathematics Specialists. Candidates acquire the habits of mind of a mathematical thinker and use mathematical practices to improve instruction in the elementary classroom. The program enhances content knowledge for effective teachers in Numbers & Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Measurement & Data, and Geometry.

Learn more about Carroll University's Elementary Mathematics Certificate program.

Advanced Studies in Personalized Learning Certificate Program

The Advanced Studies in Personalized Learning Certificate program prepares exemplary learning specialists who embrace personalized learning as transformative practice, resulting in increased student agency and deeper learning.

Learn more about Carroll University's Advanced Studies in Personalized Learning Certificate program.

Wisconsin Adaptive Education License (#859)

The Wisconsin Adaptive Education License enables credentialed teachers to work effectively with students who have special needs. Candidates enrolled in this extended licensure program maintain a portfolio demonstrating how the acquired competencies apply to their particular educational contexts.

Learn more about Carroll University's Adaptive Education License program.

Wisconsin Alternative Education Certification (952)*

The Wisconsin Alternative Education Certification is required by the DPI for all teachers who teach students in non-traditional environments.

Learn more about Carroll University's Alternative Learning Environments License program.


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