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About the program

The Carroll University Division of Natural and Health Sciences and Carroll's Department of Education are pleased to offer this new emphasis. Community health is a critical discipline focused on medical interventions that improve the health of a community. Its activities target the entire population rather than an individual patient. 

The mission of this program is to prepare health professionals in a global society as effective intercultural communicators to administer, develop, implement and evaluate community/public health education programs. Equally important, the program's goal is to develop and prepare future leaders for a variety of volunteer-based public health agencies, medical settings, worksite wellness initiatives and government-based service programs.  

The Community Health Education emphasis meets National Commission criteria for learning outcomes; students completing this program will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Assess individual and community needs for health education.
  2. Plan health education strategies, interventions and community/public programs
  3. Implement health education strategies, interventions and programs.
  4. Conduct evaluation and research related to community/public health education.
  5. Administer health education strategies, interventions and community/public programs
  6. Serve as a community/public health education resource person.
  7. Communicate and advocate for health and community/public health education  


The program is 33 credits and can be completed by attending part time. Below is a list of the required graduate courses:

The Community Health Educator program consists of the following 11 courses:

EDU 641  Teaching and Learning Across the Lifespan
EDU/HED 650 Principles, Theory and Foundations of Health Education
EDU/HED 651 Planning and Implementation of Health Education Programs
EDU/HED 652 Evaluation and Assessment of Health Education Programs
EDU/HED 660 Epidemiology
EDU/HED 663 Public Health Policy and Administration
EDU/HED 606 Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics
EDU/HED 607 Graduate Professional Project in Community Health Education I
EDU/HED 608 Graduate Professional Project in Community Health Education II*
EDU/HED 610 Graduate Professional Project Preparation (activates only if work in 608 is not completed)
2 electives One elective in the ACE strand recommended


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