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Community Service

As part of federal work-study regulations, Carroll University is required to use at least 7 percent of our federal work-study allocation to employ students in community service jobs. These off-campus positions should be with federal, state or local public agencies, or private nonprofit organizations.

These positions are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents. Students who show interest in these positions are placed at an off-campus site of their choosing. They will then assist in the everyday activities of the organization. Students log hours on a monthly timesheet that is returned to the Carroll University Business Office. Student earnings are paid, in part, by the federal government and Carroll University.

Sites we have worked with in the last academic year include:
            Central Middle Schoolstudents volunteering to do outside work
            Hadfield Elementary School
            Hillcrest Elementary School
            Hispanic Health Resource Center
            La Casa de Esperanza
            Presbyterian Homes and Services: Avalon Square and
                 Kirkland Crossings
            Richard’s Place
            St. Joseph’s Medical and Dental Clinic
            Waukesha Business Improvement District
            Waukesha Memorial Hospital
            Waukesha South High School
            Waukesha STEM Academy
Interested organizations should contact Kellie Cooke to determine if this would a good fit for your organization.


Kellie Cooke
Campus Employment Coordinator

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