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The Wisconsin Artists Permanent Collection

The Wisconsin Artists Permanent Collection features artists from around the state, with more than 400 pieces in eight buildings throughout the Carroll campus. New pieces are added occasionally. View an essay on the Permanent Collection by Judy Moriarty.

The Les Klug Collection

Les Klug (1930-1988) was a visionary who influenced the art world through his unique approach to photography.

The Marceil Pultorak Dream

Creating the collection was the realized dream of Marceil Pultorak, Carroll University professor emeritus of art. She said, "I'd go into Shattuck Music Center and those walls would drive me crazy. It was such a waste of space." She also wanted a better way for her students to study art. Today the collection is used by art students in their classes and also educates viewers on the wide range and scope of Wisconsin artists.

Wisconsin Artists Collection

View an alphabetical list of the Wisconsin Artists Collection.

Wisconsin Artists Collection (Digital Collection)

View the digital archive of the Carroll University Wisconsin Artists Collection. Off campus viewers have access to items in the collection where the artist has given permission to Carroll University to display in an online format.

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