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Carroll Academy

Carroll Compact

Carroll University is a community for learning. As individuals, we come to the campus from different homes and cultures. We bring with us our distinctive perspectives, traditions and experiences. Here we become participants in a community dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, personal fulfillment and spiritual meaning. Choosing to join such a community obligates each member to consider thoughtfully the values espoused by the larger group. We therefore invite you to contemplate these ideals and strive toward their realization. We ask that you enter into a voluntary compact with the other members of the community which is Carroll University to live and work according to these values.

  • I will value the human diversity and dignity of all people and will respect their ideas, opinions and traditions.
  • I will practice personal academic integrity.
  • I will care for the physical environment of the campus and its neighborhood setting.
  • I will support and enhance the development of others.
  • I will encourage creativity, artistic expression and excellence in all areas of our lives.
  • I will seek to understand my purpose in the world.
  • I will dedicate myself to exploration of personal values and the spiritual quest for meaning.

Note: Statement is abbreviated from The Carroll Compact, Carroll University Student Handbook.

Educational Statement

Carroll Academy is the community outreach program of Carroll University. Non-credit enrichment classes and summer camps are offered for ages two to adult in a variety of academic subject areas.

Specifically the program aims to:

  • Provide high quality classes and camps that promote student learning. Class participants are challenged through individualized instruction and the practical application of skills.
  • Augment public, private, homeschool or self-directed study through concentrated coursework in specific subject areas.
  • Encourage intellectual, physical and/or social development and lifelong skills. Class participants grow and learn, explore new ideas, develop their creativity and transfer these skills to other areas of their lives.
  • Broaden students' knowledge base by exposing them to new subjects and sources of learning. Students try new activities as they explore areas of interest. Middle and high school students strengthen their current skills and gain an overview of potential careers.

The Carroll Educational Experience

The Carroll Academy, within the context of the total Carroll educational experience, seeks to prepare college student participants to achieve their full potential. The college's educational philosophy is sustained by the four pillars of integrated knowledge, lifelong skills, gateway experiences and enduring values.

  • Integrated Knowledge through breadth of learning. Students are encouraged to recognize the interrelationships among ideas and to share their knowledge. By observing, assisting and teaching in the Carroll Academy, they connect theory and classroom learning with practical application.
  • Lifelong Skills help students prepare for life and work. Our mission is to help students learn to think critically and creatively, adapt to changing technologies and needs, work efficiently and effectively, collaborate with class participants, faculty, staff and parents; and communicate clear, compelling ideas.
  • Enduring Values help students to consider always the impact of their actions. We believe that effective leaders draw their inspiration from strong personal value systems. Students learn from professional faculty and staff mentors and are provided with opportunities for decision making.
  • Gateway Experiences occur upon entering and upon leaving Carroll University. We place a special emphasis on preparing incoming students through training and mentoring programs. Gaining practical experience helps them make successful transitions into their first jobs, or graduate and professional schools.

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