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Carroll University is proud to be part of the vibrant community of Waukesha, Wisconsin. The partnerships and connections between the university and the community are strong and growing. Each year, hundreds of students get involved in community service in a wide variety of ways.

The community has much to offer students, too. Opportunities for recreation, involvement in the arts and collegiate and professional sports teams abound.

Come and visit us. We have a lot to share with you!

Events on Campus

    Art Shows and Galleries

    Carroll University has visual art displayed at galleries throughout the year that are open to the public

    Scholars for Life

    Our three-day seminars are designed as inclusive and collaborative learning communities the only prerequisite is a curious and open mind

    Event Planning at Carroll

    Carroll University is the perfect location for any event, whether you are hosting a business meeting, conference, banquet, wedding reception or overnight camp

    Carroll University Events Calendar

    See what's happening on campus. Many of our events are free and open to the public

Community Engagement

    Community Service

    A percent of Carroll Univeristy's federal work-study allocation employ students in community service jobs

    Service Learning

    Service Learning is an educational methodology that combines community service with explicit academic learning objectives, preparation and reflection

    Pioneer Volunteers

    Pioneer Volunteers works with more than 20 community organizations to meet one-time and ongoing volunteer needs

    Spiritual Life

    The chaplain serves the Carroll community to provide a spiritual presence and program leadership


    Career Services

    Career Services provides free career development assistance to Carroll alumni, undergraduate and graduate students

    Employment Opportunities at Carroll

    Carroll University makes employment opportunities available to qualified individuals whose skills and experience make them suitable candidates for placement

Campus Information

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