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Endorsing Wellness and Fitness at carroll

A complete education is exactly that: complete. The wellness and fitness habits the body learns and masters is as much a part of the common thread at Carroll as what the mind learns and masters. Wellness is much more than a buzzword or a trend; it's the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life, which is very much in keeping with the Carroll mission and philosophy. We acknowledge and celebrate the growing numbers of health-conscious students, faculty, and staff members. And we recognize just how important are outstanding, cutting-edge facilities for fitness, wellness, and intercollegiate sports.

Carrying the Pioneer Spirit Forward

Since the early 1890s, when Carroll's first intercollegiate sport—football— was introduced, spirited fans have been cheering on the Pioneers. Today, Carroll students enjoy participating in and supporting 22 NCAA Division III teams. Van Male Field House, built more than 50 years ago, is the host facility for basketball, volleyball, indoor track, and swimming. It has been more than a decade since Van Male was last modernized, and it remains insufficient as a venue for training and competition—and especially for attracting talented student-athletes. The renovation to Van Male enables us to take our historic commitment to wellness, fitness, and intercollegiate athletics into an exciting future.