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Fortifying the Sciences

Carroll, Wisconsin's first four-year institution of higher education, was named for Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and founded on the premise that in higher education lay the foundations for democracy and prosperity for future generations. Carroll's founders might not have foreseen tablet computers or a 21st-century nursing class or a robot as part of a physics course, but we believe they certainly did imagine a robust and dynamic institution that would never stop evolving, where thousands of graduates would blend a liberal arts background, scientific prowess, and a values-rich education to become leaders in their fields.

Today - for tomorrow - The Common Thread is focused upon three vital priorities with the same vision and imagination. The results of your support in these areas will carry the common thread forward to people and places beyond our predictions, yes, but not beyond our imaginings. The time is now to make these investments in Carroll University. Your generosity will never have more impact than in this moment of opportunity and commitment.

The Sciences

"No one in America studies science anymore," is the oft-repeated lament. Well, not here.

Sciences have become the most popular majors on campus, and virtually every student, regardless of major, takes some coursework in the sciences. Science education promotes critical inquiry and problem-solving skills and is the foundation for dozens of professions, from healthcare to environmental fieldwork to research.

But Carroll University does far more than simply offer classes and majors in the sciences. We develop rich, comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs, producing graduates who can solve problems creatively, work as productive members of a team, and communicate clearly. We push the boundaries by developing leading-edge programs, and we involve our students in undergraduate research and active learning models so they will be prepared to "do" science - rather than simply to “know” science.

Through Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread, together we will build a state-of-the-disciplines science facility to equal the talents and aspirations of students and faculty, as well to prepare for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. The facility's laboratories and learning environments will promote the Carroll model of collaboration and interaction and help us attract and retain top faculty and students. It will be an incubator for new ideas and will encourage the innovative thinking that distinguishes Carroll's science programs. With your vision, it will carry the common thread into the future.