campaign carroll

Carrying the Thread Forward

People - what they learn, how they change, who they become - form the common thread of this very special place. Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread is your opportunity to carry forward that thread into a challenging and rewarding future. Higher education everywhere, Carroll included, must become smarter, bolder, more affordable, more efficient, and more available to every student with a good head and a good heart.

We will do this at Carroll by achieving our four priorities: building our endowment for tomorrow, fortifying our legacy in the sciences, endorsing our belief in wellness and fitness, and meeting the annual needs that allow our students to prepare right now for lives of meaning, purpose, and success.

This is our moment. Together, we can capitalize on current talent, attract new minds, and perpetuate the power of the common thread that connects Carroll people to one another. Because a great higher education will always be about the shared experiences, goals, discoveries, and transformations of the people who give and receive that education. That humanity - that collection of experiences, causes, and effects - is what sets Carroll University apart from other institutions.