campaign carroll

Supporting the Carroll Fund

Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread is an ambitious fundraising endeavor that will allow the university to fulfill its strategic initiatives. All gifts will have an important impact on the future of the university and the needs of faculty and staff.

An ongoing component of the comprehensive campaign is the Carroll Fund. It provides a pool of unrestricted funds that provide critical operating support for academic services, scholarships, and all day-to-day needs. The Carroll Fund enables President Hastad and university leadership to respond quickly to opportunities as well as unexpected needs. The Carroll Fund provides necessary resources that enable Carroll to be nimble, bold, and better.

The strength of the Carroll Fund also boosts Carroll's reputation and ability to attract outside funding. The percentage of alumni who give to the annual fund is taken into account both by ranking organizations and by grant-making institutions. A strong annual fund demonstrates that we believe in our alma mater, in our bright students, and in our talented faculty. The Carroll Fund is tangible proof of the common thread that weaves through the tapestry of our history and the spirit of our future.