campaign carroll

Building our endowment

The word endowment may sound more likely to change a tax return than change the world. But endowment in the context of Carroll is the very shape of potential, opportunity, and inspiration. It is one of the elements from which Carroll's common thread is spun. Endowment is an investment in leveling the playing field, in providing resources to deserving, high-achieving students, and in competing for the extraordinary teachers and researchers so sought-after by all universities. The larger the endowment, the more ability our university has - using the income generated through investment - to reach visionary goals.

By multiple measures, these things are proven: Carroll University offers one of the most dynamic, most positive educational experiences around. We are becoming a destination school for top-notch students. Our faculty is comprised of first-rate teachers and scholars. Our core curriculum, solidly grounded in the liberal arts, has been proactively recast to create a more global mindset in our students. Our academic, athletic, and cocurricular facilities are rapidly becoming state-of-the-art venues for our brand of transformational learning. Our alumni are achieving success wherever they go.

And yet, Carroll University's endowment is smaller than those of our peer and aspirational institutions. Our plans and goals are larger than our financial means to achieve them. With your help, this will change.

Endowment for Students

More than 98 percent of Carroll University students rely on some form of financial aid. Endowed scholarships give us the means to recruit high achievers, help promising students afford tuition, and attract students who make the whole of the learning community more diverse - students from a variety of backgrounds and places. And endowed funds can help students afford the cultural immersion experiences so important to their development as global citizens.

With the help of Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread, we will grow our endowment and project the Carroll experience forward for the sake of those who ultimately benefit: our students and all whose lives they will touch.

Endowment for Faculty

One of our highest priorities is to continue to power our evolving academic enterprise with faculty members absolutely committed to teaching and mentoring along the common thread. Carroll's faculty members bring exceptional knowledge and experience to their students, and they also possess a deep dedication to student success and results, both in education and research, that really matter.

Endowed faculty positions - professorships, department chairs, deans - offer a way to recognize outstanding achievement and compete for top talent in emerging fields. They also offer alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations a way to make a tremendous and immediate difference for Carroll students.