Campaign Carroll

The Morava Finish Line Challenge

Alice Crofts Morava's '52 life was changed forever by her years at Carroll. She met her husband-to-be and set in motion the path their lives would take: marriage, family, friends and a successful business. During the fall of 2015, Alice generously offered a $200,000 challenge gift to fund the Morava Finish Line Challenge, to match donations to the Carroll Fund. The Carroll Fund is a priority of Campaign Carroll, delivering a pool of unrestricted funds that provide fundamental support for all of campus.

Thank you to the alumni, parents and friends for their support of the Morava Finish Line Challenge. We surpassed the $200,000 goal by reaching more than $270,000 in donations. Alice's generosity continues as she has agreed to match the additional $70,000, creating even more of an impact for today's Pioneers.